Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Bhutan

Why should you travel to Bhutan with us?

Largely untouched by tourists, now is the time to flee to this mysterious kingdom.

Holding up its Gross National Happiness ethos, Bhutan is for both the curious and the adventurous. Having opened its doors to travelers only in 1974, many worry about the ease of entering Bhutan, but with us, it’s as easy as riding a bike. Spend your days winding through verdant valleys, gazing at elegant dzongs and hiking to cliff-hugging monasteries. Meet with orange-robed monks, spiritual incense makers and meditation masters in between. We find the biggest rush our clients get is the ascent to the Tiger’s Nest above Paro with our friend and expert guide, Tek. Time it right and we’ll arrange a Buddhist festival in the heart of Bhutan when back on the ground.

What to see and do in Bhutan

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


Spiritually enlightening and as remote as they come, Bhutan is a mountain kingdom the world is just turning its attention to. It’s a country preserved in time and space, where ornate stupas, traditional dress, yak herders, and five dominant valleys are still reigning over modernity. Whether interested in a culture immersion or seeking an award-winning, holistic health retreat, Bhutan’s enticing people and unique landscape will have you meditating under the Himalayas and trekking to camps only accessible by foot.


Formally referred to as Paro Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest is Bhutan’s most recognizable temple site. Dramatically located cliffside in the Paro Valley, this Buddhist structure dates back to the 1640’s and still functions as a monastery today. A first time trip to Bhutan without completing the five-hour trek to Tiger’s Nest would simply be lackluster – especially with the help of our on-site guide who’s prepared to delve deep into this sites wonder and history.


Home to five hillside lodges, Six Senses Bhutan is more than just a stay – it’s a journey. We can’t think of a better way to explore Bhutan, than hopping between the breathtaking lodges here – each serving up something truly special. Head out in search of iconic black-necked cranes and embark on wonderful hikes through the valleys. When night falls, dress up and dine alfresco in the fresh mountain air before unwinding at Six Senses Paro spa.

The best of Bhutan


Hike the steep path to the Tiger’s Nest.

Standing some 10,000 feet tall, the Tiger’s Nest above Paro Valley is Bhutan’s most iconic and sacred site. On your ascent to the temple – built by Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye in 1692 – you’ll be accompanied by Tek, one of our top guides in Bhutan (don’t worry, there are mules on hand if you’d prefer an alternative method). After a rewarding five hour hike to the Buddhist monastery, gaze down at the sweeping valley below and sit peacefully where Buddhists reside.


Bhutan’s beautiful capital. But not how you expected it.

Nestled high in the Himilayas and stretched out across the Raidāk River, Thimpu is a small but mighty destination. Watch as ruby-robed monks go about their daily business, visit handicraft markets and admire the splendid architecture of Trashi Chho dzong. This is a true feast for the senses.


Cross over the Dochula Pass in style.

The capital of Bhutan until 1955, Punakha is one of our favorite spots in this magical kingdom. A stay in Punakha can be as adventurous or laid back as you’d like. Think rafting adventures down the Mo Chhu River, picture-perfect moments at Punakha Dzong fortress and a behind-the-scenes visit to the fertility temple. It’s here at Chimi Lhakhang that you’ll gather ingredients with a local incense maker for a one-to-one lesson in aromatherapy.

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