Six Senses Bhutan

Why settle for one showstopping location when you can have five? Six Senses Bhutan is so much more than a stay – it is a journey. A journey through five intimate and luxurious lodges, nestled in a part of the world few have laid eyes on. Each lodge has been carefully designed to reflect the spirit, culture and heritage of each setting with unique designs setting each apart and an overriding sense of peace uniting them.


Scattered through the hillsides and valleys that roll down from the Himalayas, each of the Six Senses Bhutan lodges offers a new perspective. Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang and Paro; there may be five lodges but this is not a place where you pick one and be done with it. Instead, the lodges are best experienced through a sequence of journeys that connects each one. Whether you stay for five, eight, eleven, fourteen nights – or something else entirely, there is a journey to suit every taste.

Your Room

Featuring minimalist designs that place emphasis on the views that lie beyond your window, each of the suites and villas at Six Senses Bhutan has a serene grounding effect where you’ll forget all your stresses the moment you cross the threshold. Natural materials evoke a spiritual connection to the surrounding landscapes, whilst modern amenities keep you in the utmost comfort. With each lodge boasting a slightly different design from the next, you’ll simply have to try them all.

Why we like it

Famous for its hillsides scatters with monasteries, dzongs and temples, we can’t imagine a better way to explore Bhutan than by hopping between the lodges of Six Senses Bhutan. In Gangtey, witness the migration of the iconic black-necked cranes. In Punakha, raft down the mighty Mo Chhu River. Whilst in Paro, hike to the iconic Tiger’s Nest. Compete with state-of-the-art spas that reflect the spirituality of the land, this is how to do Bhutan.