Luxury Safaris & Honeymoons in Uganda

Home to few tourists and a whole new perspective on some of our favorite African wildlife experiences, Uganda epitomises our obsession with the natural world. From gorilla treks that rival those of neighboring Rwanda to crucial lion research initiatives; the call of the wild is impossible to ignore – and why would you? A luxury vacation in Uganda will transport you to a world you’ll never want to return from.

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What to see and do in Uganda


Soaring mountains, terraced hills, and seemingly endless wildlife make this friendly and formidable country a no brainer when it comes to planning an adventurous getaway with a huge helping of luxury. Very much off the tourist trail, Uganda doesn’t have the feeling of being a safari factory, meaning you can track and spot the apes all on your own. Bliss, eh?


Joining a private tour up into the lush, mountainous highlands is a necessity if you want to hang with the Great Apes. Heading into the verdant forests of Kibale and the rolling, mist-pooled Bunyaruguru Crater Lakes you’ll begin your search for these elusive creatures – deep in the unknown jungle. Follow the hoots, hollers, and softly crackling branches. You won’t forget this.


After all of that mist-soaked Gorilla trekking through the Rwenzori Mountains, you’re spoilt for places to rest your head. Uganda’s lodges are among the best in the country, coupling luxurious comfort with charming, old-world boutiques, and unparalleled panormas over the country’s beguiling landscapes.


Uganda’s tapestry of rich landscapes, soaring mountains (the Rwenzoris are the highest range in Africa), and the Nile’s source – combined with its low tourist volume – make for a honeymoon that really stands apart. Whether you want to raft the Nile or tack gorillas in the misty mountainous habitat, the adventure is yours for the taking.

The best of Uganda

Hotel No.5 Entebbe

A quaint suburban retreat within the bustling city of Entebbe, the boutique Hotel No.5 Entebbe makes for a humble base to relax at the start…
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Ndali Lodge

Perched high up on a rolling hill in the heart of the Buyuruguru Crater Lakes, Ndali Lodge is made up of eight charming stone cottages…
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Mount Gahinga Lodge

Combining wild adventure with rustic luxury in a truly dramatic setting, Mount Gahinga Lodge is an invitation to discover. An invitation that takes you out from…
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