Luxury Vacations in Asia

“Roads were made for journeys – not destinations”

Writing more than two thousand years ago, Confucius – the ancient Chinese philosopher – neatly captured the essence of travel in Asia. The trick? Lose yourself in the moment; savoring the landscapes that surround you and the people you encounter along the way. And with 48 countries in Asia to explore, there’s no shortage of journeys to be had. Whether you’re lighting up the night sky at the Loi Krathong lantern festival, hunting with eagles in Mongolia, or watching the sun rise above the ancient wonder of Angkor Wat, experiencing everything this continent has to offer would take a lifetime. Perhaps several.

This is a place for those seeking the unexpected. The unusual and the exotic. We’ll take you on a journey through Asia’s best kept secrets and ancient treasures. Dine by moonlight on a black-sand beach, learn the way of the ninja in a historic dojo, and embark on a whale watching experience from your own private plane. Ready to jump into something different?

The insider knowledge of our Asia Travel Experts is at your disposal. They’ll quite literally open doors, whether it be those of an elephant sanctuary, a sumo wrestling stable, or even a Bollywood studio. With years of experience exploring this fascinating continent, they’ll show you the best places to travel in Asia – crafting a trip that steals you away from the everyday.

A street food vendor in Hanoi in Vietnam, Asia


The singing sands of one of the largest deserts in Asia, the Gobi. The tranquil waterways of the ‘land of coconut trees’. The enticing street food of Hanoi. Mainland Asia is a world of captivating diversity. We’ll take you on an enthralling journey through the land’s modern and traditional culture – from colorful cities and remote tribal settlements to terraced rice paddies. Our Travel Experts will curate a trip that covers as much, or as little, ground as you wish.

A bird of prey released by  a nomadic community in Mongolia, Asia

Taiga and Tundra

Many countries in Asia are renowned for their exotic wildlife – tigers, elephants, monkeys to note but a few. But what if we told you that this continent is also home to reindeer? On one of our bespoke Asia tours, you’ll have the opportunity to stay with a community of nomadic reindeer herders in your own Mongolian Ger. Try your hand at reindeer herding, cross-country skiing through frozen landscapes, and even crafting Tsaatan skis. This is Asia, from a surprising perspective.

An overhead shot of one of the Thailand islands in Asia


Bamboo groves, zen gardens, palm covered beaches, tropical jungles and glistening lagoons. By cable car, boat, skis or plane, our Travel Experts will show you the best islands in Asia. We’ll take you dolphin spotting at Panglao Island, and arrange an encounter with ancient rainforest tribes. We’ll even show you the best spots for admiring the fireflies over the Iwahig river. Dive deep into waters rich with marine life and miles of bright coral carpet. Relax with dinner beneath the stars. Or simply a cup of coffee.


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