Luxury Egypt Vacations & Private Tours

Why should you travel to Egypt with us?

Ancient mysteries, charming bazaars and sand-covered pyramids. A luxury vacation to Egypt is forever enchanting.

A source of obsession with travelers for centuries, there is still much to discover in this mysterious country. Egypt welcomes you in with grand Pharaonic temples and its meandering River Nile. For 15 years our Travel Experts have been traveling to Egypt in style with families, friends and partners to curate bespoke itineraries and handpick the most passionate, knowledgeable private guides to bring it to life. With Asma you’ll discover Cairo’s ‘Garbage City’, with Samar you’ll uncover Tutankhamun’s burial chamber and with Abdul you’ll navigate the waterways of the world’s longest river on a private felucca. All the while staying at Egypt’s most stylish accommodation in Cairo center, on the Nile banks and the water itself.

Example Egypt trips

These are simply suggestions for the kind of luxury Egypt tour you might have. Your vacation will be tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

What to see and do in Egypt

As ever, if you can’t see the experience you’re looking for here then we can still plan it for you.


Split in half by the restorative waters of the ancient Nile, Egypt is defined by the ancient monuments of Luxor and Abu Simbel, its luscious green delta, and the sensory cities of Alexandria and Cairo which thrum and heave between the river and the sea. A true feast for the senses, you’ll want to pack your best linens as you experience everything from mysterious Sufi dancing, languorous meals on the banks of the Nile, and reverential forays into the much mythologized Valley of the Kings. But it’s not all ancient – modern Egypt is an exhilaratingly modern nation, poised between ripe North Africa and the glittering seas of the Mediterranean.


Egypt is synonymous with a kind of old-world glamor and unapologetic indulgence that is rarely found in our age of uber-modern architecture. Enjoy day-beds and roof terraces shaded by plush canopies, while you sip ice-cold tumblers of gin and taste charcoal-flecked shawarma; indulge yourself in luxury spas; and satisfy yourself with some of the most decorous suites in this part of the world, whether you choose to stay in bustling Cairo or the palm-shaded courtyards of Luxor’s colonial-style hotels.


With its scintillating street-life, opulent hotels and jaw-dropping history, Egypt is a natural vacation destination. Explore the temples of mighty Luxor from the palatial hotel of Al Moudira, sample traditional Egyptian feasts, and drift along the Nile on a private felucca. By night, your way will be lit by glowing fires and the bright stars above – unless you seek the energy and bustle of Cairo’s Khan al Khalili market, or a rare private tour of the Egyptian Museum after dark.

The best of Egypt


Experience a maze of mosques and madrasas in Cairo.

The largest city in the Arab world, Cairo and its western pyramids are the hub of ancient Egyptian history. Alongside our expert guides, we’ll take you on a private viewing of Karnak Temple, arrange an after-hours tour of the Egyptian Museum and introduce you to the skilled craftsmen of Khalili Market. After something really special? We’ll arrange for a world-renowned archaeologist to get you exclusive access to enter into the base of the Sphinx in Giza; an experience few have experienced.

Valley of the Kings, Luxor

Enter the resting place of King Tutankhamun.

It’s no secret that ancient Egyptians took pride in building elaborate chambers for their pharaohs. The most famed and colorful collection however, lies on the west bank of the Nile in the Valley of the Kings. Dating back over 3,000 years ago, the 63 burial chambers that reside here play homage to great Egyptian Kings, including that of the legendary Tutankhamun. Crowned at just nine years old and the last of his family to rule during that distant dynasty, your Egyptologist guide will be on hand to answer all your burning questions.

The Nile

Sail the Nile in style.

At dawn and dusk, the sky along the Nile trembles with pearl and brilliant, deep reds. Bicycle through the lush agricultural fields of the riverbank, drink-in the under-visited beauty of Medinat Habu temple and sail past small traditional villages on a private sandal cruise along the Nile. Want to stop off at Edfu Temple or Kom Ombo along the way? Just give us the nod. This is your luxury Nile cruise after all.

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