Welcome to the press room at Black Tomato.

We pride ourselves on being creative and cutting-edge, and always looking for the next big thing in travel. No matter what your deadline is, if you need to brainstorm story angles for an upcoming feature, help with fact box information, press trips, news or comment and opinion on the latest trends in luxury travel and the wider industry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our in-house press office team who can help with inquiries across our brands, Black Tomato, Epic Tomato and Beach Tomato.

For all UK press inquiries please directly contact our

UK PR Director Kati Jagger

[email protected]

+44 0207 426 4947


For all US press inquiries please directly contact our

US PR Director Brendan Drewniany

[email protected]

+1 636 747 3060

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