Luxury Honeymoons & Vacations in French Polynesia

Why should you travel to French Polynesia with us?

An overseas territory of France made up of 118 idyllic islands. We’ll show you them at their very best.

A traditional Va’a canoe, cutting through the water like a knife through butter. The dropped pitch of himene tarava, the choral music unique to these islands. The sight of Mount Rotui, rearing – moss-covered and broad-shouldered – from the waters of Motu Tapu. The rich, melodious greens and yellows of Gaugin’s paintings of the 1880s and 90s. These islands – for us – evoke entire worlds of hibiscus flowers, double-hulled canoes, and the culture of native Polynesia. And no island for us is just a beach, a palm tree, a wave. Our bespoke French Polynesian trips are as immersive as a Bedouin camel ride across the Agafay Desert. So come with us today.

What to see and do in French Polynesia

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


French Polynesia is heaven on earth. With beautiful blue lagoons and silky beaches drenched in year-round sunshine, this formation of exotic islands is exquisite. Unspoiled, barely touched, and over 2,000 miles south of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, it feels as though you’re practically at the end of the world. Succumb to complete luxury and hop between Mo’orea, Taha’a, and Bora Bora, each exclusive, paradisiacal island as beautiful as the last.


The South Pacific – a haven of the world’s bluest waters and silkiest sands. We feel there’s more than one blissful quality about this far off place, one of which being the luxurious options for lodging and play. These jaw-dropping islets are refuges for those who have unspoilt coral reefs and five-star resorts at the very top of their bucket lists. Head to Le Taha’a to relax in overwater bungalows and vistas of turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.


Often referred to as heaven on earth, French Polynesia is draped in a blanket of sun and sand. After the chaos of a ceremony, newlyweds will find complete relief and relaxation amongst the many shades of blue on these magical and restoring islands. It’s here that our favorite version of quality time includes private beaches, lengthy diving excursions, glass-encapsulated spas, and luxurious villas.


This idyllic, privately owned oasis is home to perhaps the world’s most exclusive vacation resort. Set within enchanting reefs and surrounded by nothing but towering palm trees and fine, sandy beaches, The Brando allows you to forget the outside world. Spend your time surrendering to the beating sun, swaying in overwater hammocks, and indulging in Michelin-quality cuisine. When the evenings draw in, make yourself comfortable on your private tree-top canopy with hypntoic views over the clear Pacific Ocean.


During your stay on Bora Bora, consider swapping the pearlescent, sandy beaches for the colorful reef to meet some of the Pacific Ocean’s most misunderstood residents. Test your nerves and enjoy a thrilling encounter swimming side-by-side with blacktip sharks and majestic manta rays, with front-row seats as they weave between the coral and schools of exotic fish.


Discover the unforgettable aroma of tropical vanilla on Le Taha’a. Led by a knowledgeable farmer, head deep into a plantation on a unique tour and immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Tahitian vanilla production, before savoring a handful of locally sourced products yourself.

Enjoy a private and romantic Michelin-starred evening

French Polynesia is heaven for honeymooners. We can arrange an intimate evening catered with The Brando’s Michelin-star menu. Enjoy a private, candlelit evening, indulging in exquisite, locally sourced lobster, fresh fish, and vintage wine.

The best of French Polynesia

Bora Bora

A captivating coral reef crowned by the majestic peak of Mt Otemanu.

The islets, or motu, of this incredible island have been an evergreen favorite among honeymooners for many years. Pitch-perfect hotels guarantee you access to lagoon boating, hiking, parasailing, and diving – as well as hiking up the basalt peak of Mt Otemanu. Fenced-in by an incredible coral reef, many of its bungalows are perched over the water itself. We’ll make sure you have the best one, of course.


Experience the island where Gaugin made his home.

Disillusioned with the Parisian art scene, Gaugin – in 1895 – returned to Tahiti, where he would settle for six years. His paintings of this period inched toward the more acerbic and angsty, but he remained committed to the intense beauty of this incredible place. Shadowy mountains, plunging waterfalls, and deep forests are fringed by the town of Pape’ete, with seemingly endless beaches and coves.


Where Cook first set his foot in this corner of the world.

Framed by the jagged, mossy peaks of Mt Rotui and its surrounding crags, this incredibly picturesque part of the Society Islands archipelago has some of the best panoramas and inland hiking trails throughout French Polynesia, especially those in the rainforests at the foot of mighty Mount Tohivea.

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