Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Mustique

Why should you travel to Mustique with us?

At just three miles long, Mustique is but a blip on the radar of many. But those three miles comprise untouched beaches lapped by clear waters and drenched in Caribbean sun (and just one gorgeous hotel). A luxury vacation in Mustique becomes an easy choice to make. We’ve decided that this is the purest definition of an island getaway. It’s the kind of place people point to from other, busier islands and exclaim, “I want to be there.” Well, you can.

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What to see and do in Mustique


Small is easy. Small is simple. Small is uncomplicated. If you lose your keys or – for example – your luxury yacht, it’s conceivable that it wouldn’t take long for either to turn up. Mustique has become something of a haunt for celebrities and royals alike, drawn to its lush, untamed foliage, incredibly small size, otherworldly levels of seclusion, and free-spirited ethos. We’re told that the social calendar is quite robust. And there are no paparazzi.


Bit of a misleading title, this. In theory you could do a private tour of the island but it would be over rather quickly. And that is precisely its charm. There is no worry or concern about missing out; no heaving list of ‘things you have to see and do.’ It’s all about pure, unfiltered relaxation. This is a good place to catch up on a good book; to get a good tan; to eat a lot of very good meals; or to improve your swimming.


Again, a bit misleading; for there is only one hotel on Mustique, alongside the private villas dotted across its tiny mileage. A phrase we often hear is: “when you’re on Mustique, you’re on Mustique.” Warm, friendly, pared-down, and incredibly comfortable, The Cotton House hotel is – in this respect – the perfect Caribbean crash pad. Log off, and stay logged off.


If you’re looking for a luxury honeymoon where you spend your days and nights in the absolute, unfiltered lap of luxury, then Mustique should be your ‘go to.’ World-class service, indulgent, carefree living, and plenty of time for ‘you’ time. Perfect.

The best of Mustique

The Cotton House

If you’re looking for a private island escape with all the trimmings then you can’t get more exclusive than Cotton House in Mustique. One of…
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