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Why should you come on a trip to Guatemala with us?

Despite deep cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and an adventurous appetite, Guatemala remains a relative secret to the outside world. So, whether camping beneath the stars in remote Mayan temples, paddling in isolation across Lake Atitlan or sharing a cup of freshly-brewed coffee with the locals, a tailormade vacation in Guatemala offers unique insight into a destination few others know anything about.

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What to see and do in Guatemala


Like Colombia, its bigger and beefier neighbor, Guatemala is an area only gently experiencing the first serious pangs of travel. It is unknown but warm; boutique rather than bossy; easy to get around and perfect for a short luxury trip. Without chain hotels and a landscape that includes stately volcanoes, beautiful lake Atitlan, charming colonial towns with cobbled streets, and the massive Tikal National Park – with its adventure-goading ancient ruins – it’s a true feast for the senses. So eat up.


A luxury private tour around Guatemala is an ideal way to experience a country that hasn’t been hollowed-out by chains and mass tourism. Experiencing the jungle ruins of Tikal – stepping through warm-moist hanging vines, and glimpsing ancient grey-green stone emerging from between the trees – is a truly heart-stopping moment, fit for any Indiana Jones film. Except the new one. We’re not fans.


Unfiltered and boutique is the way that Guatemala does its hotels; passing up chain hotels for small boutiques that still uphold levels of luxury service that you’d expect anywhere else in the world. Whether you stay among the cobbled streets and brightly colored colonial buildings, smothered in jacaranda and filled with the scent of cooking, in Antigua, or at a relaxing resort at the edge of the shockingly blue Lake Atitlan, the options quite unlike anywhere else in the world.


From ancient Mayan ruins and glassy lakes to deep, misty jungles and bustling, cultured cities and towns, Guatemala makes for a seriously enriching and alternative luxury honeymoon. Go your own way and avoid the crowds and the queues. Glamp among the ruins at Tikal, before star-gazing over a romantically different candle-lit dinner.

The best of Guatemala

Posada del Angel, Antigua

Renowned for its private ambience, the boutique hideaway of Posada del Ángel has long been a favourite of some of the world's biggest names, hosting…
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Las Lagunas

A boutique oasis nestled at the heart of the Mayan world, Las Lagunas is a luxurious combination of natural splendour and cultural immersion. Looking out…
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Casa Palopó, Lake Atitlan

A rustic tropical hideaway, Casa Palopó is a traditional Guatemalan boutique hotel overlooking the glistening waters of the volcano lined Lago de Atitlán. Nestled in…
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