Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Namibia

Why should you travel to Namibia with us?

Rugged, eerily isolated and home to wonderful wildlife, Namibia is a mystifying land.

A land of serene isolation and intrigue, a tailormade vacation in Namibia is a lesson in the art of slow travel, as you venture across the bright red dunes of Sossusvlei to reach the shipwreck-strewn beaches of the Skeleton Coast. A place so remote and treacherous it comes as no surprise the Skeleton Coast has seen many ships and sailors have surrender in the wake of its strong currents and thick fog. However, it’s not all about desolate landscapes in Namibia. In Etosha National Park head out with expert guides like Deon to track elephants and rhino and in NamibRand Nature Park gaze to your hearts content at the Milky Way. With many areas of Namibia still under wraps, trust us to take you there and beyond.

What to see and do in Namibia

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


Namibia, a country on the South Atlantic coast of Africa, is full of raw beauty and untamed wilderness. We can think of few places as remote and rugged as this country’s peaks and valleys, deserts and coastline, but Namibia is a spectacle of hand-crafted resorts and stark scenery. For an insider experience of these vast landscapes and surreal vistas, a tailormade tour of Namibia ensures you’ll experience all the magic and mystic this land supplies.


Namibia isn’t at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to a quintessential African safari experience, making it all the more intimate and unique for those craving something off the beaten path. A contrast of mountains and deserts draped in brown and golden hues, a luxury safari in Namibia will see guests tracking endangered rhinos, desert-adapted elephants, and families of giraffes by foot, 4×4, and of course, private plane.


As if transported to an entirely different planet, the scenery of Namibia is a captivating expanse of contradictory landscapes that don’t quite fit the standard mold of planet earth. Sossusvlei Desert, one of the driest places in the world, is a sand dune oasis that shape-shifts depending on the winds and seasons. The eery Skeleton Coast is famed for the long-surviving evidence of several shipwrecks. Perfect for the nomadic and the adventurous, Namibia will transport you to places unfamiliar and unique.


A national park that makes others pale in comparison, Etosha is a dramatic landscape peppered with exotic animals and active watering holes. Private lodges are found within the park and just outside of its borders, were equally as vibrant private reserves showcase similar chalets and safari opportunities. Embrace the lack of crowds and unearth the arid salt pans and Savannah Woodland on private tours and exclusive excursions.

The best of Namibia

Skeleton Coast National Park

‘The Land God Made in Anger’.

Notorious for its rough seas, rocky shallows and thick fog, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast has claimed the lives of many sailors for years. Bleak, beautiful and scattered with shipwrecks, traveling to this remote part of the country is a surreal experience and one to be done alongside expert guides who know the terrain well. In between spotting seal colonies at Möwe Bay and uncovering the rusty remains of Suiderkus shipwreck, wind your way to Shipwreck Lodge – the clue’s in the name – for a night’s stay at the first hotel to have graced this infamous coastline.

Hoanib Valley Camp

Where monstrous mountains meet sweeping dunes.

Tucked away in Kaokoland in Namibia’s north-west, lies the charmingly remote and intimate Hoanib Valley Camp. Home to just six spacious tents, it’s a place where you can be at one with nature. Spend your days beside researchers as you track endangered rhinos and monitor desert-adapted giraffes and fill your afternoons with local Herero people as you learn about their culture. In the evenings at Hoanib Valley Camp, dine beneath the stars with a freshly prepared meal before gathering around the campfire with your loved ones to exchange stories.

Hartmann Valley

Check into one of Southern Africa’s most remote camps.

Home to the Himba, one of the last true nomads in Africa, the Hartmann Valley in north-west Namibia is stunningly remote. Blending seamlessly into the Hatmann’s moonscape along the banks of the Kunene River, Serra Cafema Lodge is where we choose to lay our head. Accessible by aircraft only, at Serra Cafema it’s easy to feel worlds away as you listen to the rapids below, watch mountain zebra ahead and sun yourself on the terrace.

Hoanib Valley Camp

Where towering mountains run into sweeping dunes and huge expanses of desert come together with unique wildlife and nomadic tribes, Hoanib Valley Camp can be found…
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Ongava Lodge

Rubbing shoulders with the might of Etosha National Park, Ongava Lodge is a hotbed of conservation, research and unrivalled safari. 14 thatched chalets that conceal…
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Shipwreck Lodge

A land exuding an eerie desolation, Namibia's Skeleton Coast has always invited the curious and the adventurous. Now, Shipwreck Lodge invites the curious, the adventurous…
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