Luxury Vacations & Tours in Jordan

Why travel on one of our Jordan tours with us?

Ancient B.C wonders, lunar landscapes and healing waters. Jordan will always be on our list.

From the hustle and bustle of its creative capital to the soothing silence of its deserts and their centuries-old nomadic tribes, Jordan is as diverse in its culture as it is in its landscapes. A place that will impress even the most seasoned of travelers; our tailormade vacations in Jordan are full of mind-blowing discoveries. Looking for a private barbecue among the ruins of Little Petra or a secluded camp out under the starlit skies? We’ve spent years developing strong bonds with our local guides like Jihad and Yosef to bring you just that and more on your luxury Jordan vacation.

What to see and do in Jordan

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


Much like the surface of an alien planet, the heat-hazed deserts and towering rocks of Jordan are – of course – absolutely on earth. Which is good, because this means you can take a luxury vacation to this scintillating, sensorial country – from the rock-cut pulling-power of Petra to the extremely buoyant Dead Sea, which is not at all dead. Not even a little bit.


This cultural odyssey – a private tour of epic proportions – will see you traverse everything that this often misunderstood country has to offer. Tracing the bafflements of ancient civilizations, sleeping beneath the stars with Bedouin nomads, and drinking in the cultural melting pot of Amman, Jordan’s captivating capital city. Expect platefuls of Mansaf served with juicy bulgur; thimble cups of nutty Bedouin coffee; and – if you’re lucky – some properly authentic zaarb – a marinated meat dish that we still have dreams about. Honestly.


Jordan’s capital is bustling, energetic, and the perfect mix of history and modern culture. From your central hotel, you can step out from the lap of luxury on to the throng of iconic Rainbow Street – neon-lit by night, and colorfully canopied by day – browsing the art galleries, sheltering in shaded coffee shops, and lingering in mouth-watering restaurants.


The otherworldly landscapes, exotic cities, and rich, ancient culture make for the perfect luxury vacation. Toast your adventure with a stop at the Carakale Brewery for Jordan’s best beer, course through the ancient city of Jerash – considered to be the best preserved Roman city in the world – and head on to enjoy the refreshing coastal culture at Aqaba, right on the lip of the Red Sea. When you’re ready, ascend to the mystifying heights of Wadi Rum – a lunar-like landscape on the surface of the globe.

The best of Jordan


Take a step back in time to 300 B.C and enter the Lost City.

A city carved into orange sandstone cliffs and once a thriving center of trade, Petra in Jordan feels many worlds away. Alongside our private guide Yosef, you’ll wind your way along the iconic Siq in Petra till you reach the Treasury – one of the city’s most elaborate temples. A long, narrow gorge with walls measuring 200 meters high, the Siq passage was once torn apart by tectonic forces leaving an eerie but breathtaking walkway to the Treasury. As camels sit proudly at the entrance to the hand-carved temple you can’t help but feel like you’ve walked onto the movie set of Indiana Jones.

Wadi Rum Valley

Transfer onto planet Mars in the moon-like valley of Wadi Rum.

Exploring the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum Valley is an experience that lingers in our Travel Experts’ memories for years. It’s a place where 4×4 treks and champagne hot air balloon rides take precedence in the day, and by night; a place to settle down at luxurious Bedouin desert camps. Picture an authentic, candlelit dinner prepared by local chefs and stargazing at some of the world’s most magical skies around the campfire; some surreal experiences if you ask us.

Dead Sea

Bask in the healing properties of the natural world.

This buoyant salt lake has earned its title as one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. Bordered by Jordan on the east and Israel on the west, the Dead Sea is nestled at almost 434 meters below sea level making it the world’s lowest elevation on land. Home to some of the most unique water in the world, the Dead Sea is perfect for curious travelers who wish to float in the balmy water and slather on the salt for a therapeutic experience. For an even more luxurious retreat, ask us to book you into one of the famous spas along the banks of the lake.

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