By families, for families.

Luxury Family Vacations

Your family are the most important people in the world. And you want them to feel important during your time away.

But every family is different, and it can be a lot of work pleasing everyone.

Luckily, our trips are made by families for families, meaning we’ve taken away the stress, the uncertainty, and the ‘are we there yets.’ Unparalleled luxury for you. Unbridled excitement for them. Easy. But we can’t do anything about the tantrums. Sorry.

If you’d like to understand more about how we work, read more about us here.

When do you want to go away?

Spring Break

March to June sees the first school break of the year. We’ve put together some of our favorite trips that perfectly fit around the kid’s time off.

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Summer travel

Summer Break

The long summer months are a perfect time to go on a family adventure. These are our top picks for June to September.

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Fall Break

As the nights start to draw in and the kids are settling back into school, we’ve put some trips together that will help hold winter at bay.

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Winter Break

Embrace or retreat. Whether you like your vacations to be hot or cold, we’ve got a mix of trips that will appeal to even the mightiest grinch.

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To check out our full family travel calendar, click here

Who’s going on your vacation?

Families come in all shapes and sizes. As such, we’ve organized our trips by ages – but that doesn’t mean they’re only for the kids. These finely-tuned forays into the world are designed to strike a balance. They’ll keep your kids in focus, but they’ll excite and entertain you, too. Of course, each and every Black Tomato trip is adjusted to suit the people traveling on it; so no two experiences will ever look the same.

For the little ones (0 – 5)

Whether you’re new to trips with small children or not, these adventures are designed to take the stress of transfers, timings, and organizing experiences away, so you can sit back and enjoy your trip too.

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For the not-so-little ones (5 – 15)

Suddenly they’re running around telling you what’s what. These trips are all about striking a balance between the not-so-little ones and you (let’s face it, you’re going to need a break from your break). It’s not always easy, but that’s what we’re here for.

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For the grown-up ones (16+)

They’re either on your sofa or in another city. Either way, the kids are not so small anymore. These trips are all about bringing you back together (you can expect: fewer tears and tantrums. We hope.)

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For everyone (multi-generational)

Nothing compares to having the entire family together, even while it can be difficult to balance the needs of all – from the youngest to the eldest. Luckily, we’ve cracked the code for balancing the needs of all.

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Our guide to family travel

How does it all work?

All of our clients come through the same starting gates. Whether you’re traveling solo or as an entire group, we’ll always design the trip around you. In our world, there are no packages. But a family trip is always a little different because there are so many personalities to take on board. Never fear; we’re a dab hand at striking the perfect balance for the entire family. We just need to start by learning more about who you are.

#1  Let’s have a conversation

Have a browse around our site for some inspiration (or don’t – we can start with a blank canvas, too). Either give us a call or inquire online. One of the team will be with you shortly to welcome you to Black Tomato.

#2  What’s the conversation about?

This initial chat is all about understanding you and your family. The people, the personalities (and the long-standing rivalries). Imagine it as a travel portrait of your family. After all, your kids are our clients too. We use these details to pull together routes, destinations and experiences that we think will make the perfect trip for you and your loved ones. Of course, if you have some ideas for a destination in mind, we’ll make sure the right expert is on the other side of the phone to help walk you through your options.

#3  One trip. Two trips. Three trips, four.

It’s not in the culture of Black Tomato to accept a below-standard experience. Any trip we do is like every trip we do: pushed to be the very best. And if that takes a second or third version until you and the family are all happy with it, that’s what we’ll do.

#4  Before you take off and when you return home.

We keep in touch with all of our clients before their departure; covering final details, concerns and queries. This is to make sure you’re in the perfect place when it comes to the airport run. To help you and the kids, we’ll also send you a special ‘art of travel’ package and a ‘back to reality kit’ when you’re home.


#5  And then what?

You’re back from your trip. It’s not over, though. This is where we learn from your feedback and put together an even more personal trip for your next adventure. We can even start planning your family bucket list with you. This could be the first of many journeys we share together.




Don't just take our word for it...

Our Travel Experts have crafted enviable honeymoons for their clients, planned amazing anniversaries, and memorable birthdays - from first to fifty, and beyond. We’ve spent years growing side by side with many of our clients, so yes, the testimonials are biased. And that’s a good thing. After all, it shows how far we’ve traveled with our families.

Jo, Michael, Estella & Frederick


“We have been using Black Tomato for our vacations for nearly 10 years and have always found them to be helpful, imaginative and practical, whilst also providing us with fabulous vacations.  Black Tomato ensure that every vacation is matched exactly to our needs and requirements as a family.  They make the traveling process stress free and seamless, finding us child friendly flight options and introducing us to the best family resorts and hotels in the world.”

Marianna & Family


“The entire process of arranging this vacation was made very convenient by Jihane, who was always readily available to answer questions, make last minute changes and deal with both myself and my father in two different time zones. It was a pleasure to deal with her. Once the vacation was booked I loved that we were sent a bound itinerary and a couple of books. We loved every guide that was assigned to us and they provided us with great drivers. Thank you for a wonderful trip!”

Moira & Niall


“As an experienced business traveler I am confident making my own arrangements but nothing can beat Black Tomato’s experience when it comes to taking the stress out of vacation travel, or their expertise in adding special touches that only come from their knowledge and contacts on the ground. The service is personal and over time Black Tomato have got to know our likes, dislikes and foibles which make our adventures with them so memorable.”

“Black Tomato – a world-renowned luxury travel company and our trusted resource for planning one-of-a-kind, experience-centric trips”

“If time is money, then the team behind luxury travel service Black Tomato spends every second of theirs ensuring yours is well-spent.”

“Organisation can be a little overwhelming, which is why we rate vacation company Black Tomato who will put together tailor-made trips pretty much anywhere in the world”.



If it's about us, or about what we think about family travel. Have a read, see what you think. If you have any questions just give us a call.

Machu Pichu, Peru


Trusting someone to take care of your travel plans isn’t a light decision. This is why you can feel rest assured with us.

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