Luxury Vacations in North America

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out – for going out, I found, was really going in”

A Scotsman – John Muir – helped define the image of the North American outdoors. Each journey across its wilderness became, for him, one of profound introspection. But for every Muir, there’s a Kerouac, a James Baldwin – those who live and breathe the cultures and cities that throng this immense and shimmering land. A luxury vacation to North America is about going out and going in. It’s the snowy peak of Mount Robson and the dancing streets of New Orleans. And it’s just about everything in between.

And our North America travel experts have explored its every secret and stitch. The wines of Sonoma, the lobster boats of Maine. The icy lakes of Whistler and the ochre ranches of Wyoming. We can take you from city to country – from the tallest of towers to the deepest of ravines. You will go by horseback across the grasslands of Saratoga and paddle through the glittering waters of Vancouver Island.

The continent is yours, just as you’ll have access to our unrivalled intel on everything from the best Canadian lodges to the most glamorous American hotels. And if you prefer to camp – or sleep beneath the stars – we know a spot or two. Just ask.

A hot air balloon

Wilderness and adventure

The tinned-peach color of Napa Valley sun. The same light paints the shadows of Monument Valley, just as it breathes life into the forests of British Columbia. If your North American vacation is one of wilderness, then we will take you to some of the continent’s most unknown and awe-inspiring corners. Horseback, kayak, mountain bike, 4×4. By foot or by sky, we will give you the adventure of your life.

Visitors take

Cities and culture

From the pueblo cities of New Mexico to the bohemian subwaypolises of the eastern seaboard – and everywhere in between. Each city tells its own story, and we’ve spent years tracking down the latest haunts and paying our dues at the continent’s most regal institutions. For galleries, bars, museums and dining, you can have it all. Our North America team will be your little black book of what to do and where to go. And they’ll get you in.

The road to the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada, North America

Hitting the road

For Kerouac, “there was nowhere to go but everywhere”. The road is more than asphalt. It’s possibility itself. From Route 66 and the winding ways of New England to the mountain passes of Alberta. Our road-trips are about freedom, about taking life at your own pace. And in the USA, we’ve collaborated with Auberge Resorts Collection to bring you not one but two finely crafted sets of American road trips. But you can always go off piste.


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