Your pioneering spirit will be fully flexed on a luxury trip to North America. In the USA, you’ll leave the sommelier’s sanctuary of Napa Valley to explore the ancestral red-stone homelands of the Navajo and tap out the blues in New Orleans. Or else, across the vast pine-thick reaches of Canada, you’ll reach the immeasurable, mountain-fringed glass of Lake Louise and the effortless cool of Montreal – kicking back in snug wilderness cabins and urban oases. With our US team based just shy of New York’s Flatiron, this is our own backyard – so feel free to ask us anything you want.

Road trips in the USA are one of the best, and most flexible, ways to see North America’s epic landscapes. Whether it’s cruising down California’s coast on Highway One or through idyllic villages in New England, we’ll map out a bespoke route tailored to your every want and need, down to your dream car. Between fine dining and helicopter touring, snap away at some of the world’s most photographed spots, from Antelope Canyon to Golden Gate Bridge. In the wilderness of Alaska, wake to the sound of otters crunching on oysters before heading out for glacier hiking and fly-fishing. Perched on an isolated nunatak at 6,000 feet tall, a stay at the epic Sheldon Chalet is a must.

A country packed with emerald lakes, snow-capped mountains and dramatic forests, Canada is a naturalist’s paradise. Accompanied by an expert guide, search for Orcas breaching on Vancouver Island, ride on horseback through Banff National Park and track grizzly bears in British Colombia. In the evenings, cosy up under a blanket beneath the stars and swap wildlife stories in front of log fires.

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