We challenge you not to fall head over heels for Peru. A place where ancient Incan culture collides head-on with modern innovation, the result is a country of spectacular diversity and spellbinding beauty. Home not just to the gastronomy of Lima and the wonder of Machu Picchu - but also to rainbow-hued mountains and plunging canyons that conceal flocks of mighty Condors and mysterious markings carved into hillsides. Discover it all on a luxury holiday to Peru.

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Reasons to travel


Some 2,000 years ago, ancient Peruvians began the slow, patient work of carving shallow lines into the chalk of Nazca. The resulting images – many stretch up to 1,200 ft in length – defy easy explanation. Put bluntly, you can’t see or absorb the whole mural from eye level. Who was it that flew so high, skimming the belly of the clouds, that they could know what was being drawn below them? Have you ever dried to draw a tiger with your eyes closed? It is not easy. But, gladly, our tailor-made Peru holidays introduce you openly into these quiet mysteries. Case in point: before heading to Nazca, our travel experts ate what can only be described as the most delicious meal that they’d eaten for years – at a restaurant in Lima’s on-trend, artsy Barranco district. The modern, as it were, has never displaced the curiously ancient. It simply lays itself over it. Get yourself both.


Food is an inescapable aspect of Peruvian culture. Some say it defines it. Peru’s culinary culture draws strength from its varied and diverse grains, fresh meats, and crops, and the luscious environments that feed them. Our luxury food tours of Peru serve up ripe plates of gastronomic experience, guiding you through the mouth-packed flavours of this ancient land. Riverbank meals, taken after pulling fresh piranha from the rushing waters; the smell as corn baking on smoky fires in the Sacred Valley. Generously, the main thrust of Peru’s foodiness is linked to the methods of its preparation. The building of a huatia oven to cook salt-rubbed flanks of lamb; or the local distillers who prepare Matacuy macerations, before draining heavy glasses of sour pisco.


We can tell you what makes Peru unique. We can also show you. Look above. These bristling fortifications, softened by the lathering of the weather (and the hands and feet of those who climb here), Machu Picchu is an almost recklessly beautiful sight. At such great heights as these, its existence seems impossible. How? You’ll ask yourself that, and often. How was it built? Nestled in the slopes of the Andes, Machu Pichu is an Incan site which has, somewhat surprisingly, suffered from a case of mistaken identity. When Hiram Bingham III ‘discovered’ (we should say, ‘rediscovered’) this soaring structure in 1911, he was actually nosing around for another lost city – Vlicabamba. When he arrived, three families were already living among the ruins. So why continue the search? Today, Bingham’s name lives on in the train that can ferry you to the summit. It’s a kind of legacy.


The Sacred Valley is remarkably verdant. It’s also steep, show-offy, and beautiful. At its highest points, glancing up from the carved-out scoop of the Lares Valley, the snowy peaks of Pitusiray, Sahuasiray, Colquecruz, Chicon and Helancomarear rear above you. Huge, stately heads. The Huarán community, who call the valley home, will be your gracious hosts as you begin to climb and camp among these still, and untouched, landscapes. Our luxury tour through the Sacred Valley of Peru will lift you some 11,000 ft from sea level, and more. And when we say luxury, we’re not talking about marble bathrooms, but the rarity of getting here – among these vast shoulders of landscape. Of the people who live here, and who share their meals with you. Tenders of livestock and farmers, the village of Cancha Cancha, built entirely of hefted stone, isn’t so far away from the way the Inca thrived in this valley so many years ago. The air is bright, and fragile, and crisp. Your lungs seem to grow forever. By night, firelight dances from the ragged edges of faraway stone. Somewhat less poetically, the area is also amazing for adventure sports.


The earth is holy. The earth is sentient. The earth is not just ‘earth.’ It can hurt, and feel hurt. Shamanism – –  among our travel experts, who have scoured the far edges of the world, this counts among their most meaningful experiences. They recommend it with this distant, personal warmth that makes it feel like the most gentle of gifts. Not far from the banks of the Urubamba River, you’ll give thanks to Pachamama, the Mother of the Earth to you and I, in this careful and ancient Pago a la Tierra ceremony.

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A thriving, modern culture that has grown out of its spectacular Incan origins, Peru boasts a distinctive range of luxury hotels, boutiques and resorts to suite any taste – whether you rest your head in the metropolis or rest up on the Atacama.


The Incans, in their highland palaces, knew the meaning of luxury. Today, Peru is no less short of luxury hotels and boutique gems, whether you’re after pure indulgence or world-class service. You can get a ripe taste of this from the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, in Cusco’s elegant San Blas quarter, with its satisfying colonial style and charmingly restored rooms (all with the peace of a convent. Because it once was a convent.) You can drink in views of the city and the mountains from the same veranda. Two birds, one stone. Etc.


Spectacularly secluded on the vibrant, orange-shine waters of Lake Titicaca, Tikilaka Lodge is one of the country’s many boutique hotel experiences in Peru. Thriving on its rustic, locally-sourced foot, earthen tones, and outstanding natural surroundings, Titilaka is – to put it another way – a kind of picture frame to watch Peru’s most breathtaking scenery from the luxury comfort of one of the country’s best hotels, all within a stone’s throw of the eye-popping ‘pink city’ of Lampa.


Many come to this part of the world, to climb the immense grandeur of Machu Picchu. Short of sleeping at the citadel itself (which you can’t, sadly), the colonial-inspired splendour of the luxury hotels in the adjacent Peruvian Cloud Forest offer a perfect launching-off point. Inkaterra Machu Picchu is our personal favourite – with its romantic, restored rooms masked within the lush belly of the jungle that surrounds it – where ripe, green leaves splay and fall across white plaster walls, and the Temple of the Moon seems to arch far above its terracotta tiled roof. It’s fit for an Incan prince. Similarly, and buried deep into the surrounding jungle, is the luxury boutique atmosphere of the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge – a gateway into the Incan empire that lies beyond. We enjoy yoga sessions in the gardens, thrumming with life, and the sharply satisfying taste of muña tea.

  • Population Population 29,700,000
  • Capital Capital Lima
  • Currency Currency Nuevo Sol
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT - 5
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip "Try chica, the local brew in the small village of Maras - makes for a very unusual trip to the pub"

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