Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Uruguay

A long-time favourite of well-heeled Latinos, a tailormade holiday in Uruguay offers an authentic perspective on Latin America. Head down to this quiet corner of the continent and take in a cutting-edge arts scene that sits side by side with generations-old estancias and sleepy coastal towns that hide some of the continents most stunning beaches. A host of new experiences awaits here.

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What to see and do in Uruguay


A mix of thriving multiculturalism, heady nights, artistic innovation, and tranquil South American vibes, Uruguay is a living, breathing example of a small country packing a big punch. In glorious Montevideo, the nation’s capital, you’ll meander bustling ferias, sip rejuvenating mate, and eat yourself into a stupor on the Rambla. Pastel cars and candy-coloured houses, brocaded in white stone, give way to stunning hinterlands and bristling nature. Luxurious and invigorating, Uruguay is not to be missed.


Whether you want to experience Uruguay on its own, or combine it with its gigantic neighbour, Argentina, your days will be filled and your nights memorable. A private tour across this charming land of calm estancias and boutique towns, you’ll travel to one of the country’s most spectacular ranches at Estancia Vik. With 4,000 acres of open landscape to tour on horseback, the world is truly your oyster.


The quiet estancias and old-world grandeur of Uruguay’s hotels – from the city heat to coastal tranquility – set the gold standard for South American luxury. Our personal favourite is the parillero at Vik, where a colossal fire pit is used to cook chargrilled steaks straight to your plate. Rustic, yet comfortable, Uruguay knows how to put you at ease.


Across its small size, nestled between mighty Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay offers a calm alternative South American honeymoon destination. From the rugged charm of pastoral estancias to the colonial trappings of Montevideo, you’ll ride horseback, travel between tranquil villages by horse, and drink, dance and be merry in its thriving markets and restaurants.

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