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Why should you book a luxury Italy tour with us?

Italy fires your imagination; with the slick purr of an Alfa Romeo, and the staggered terraces of the Amalfi Coast. It’s a country that sells itself. So why travel to Italy with us?

Details, details, details – that’s why. A sommelier-guided tour of Rome’s best enoteche (wine bars). A private table at Sarah Cicolini’s Appio-Latino restaurant. In Sicily, a luxury picnic amongst the 2,000-year-old ruins of the Valley of Temples, and in the wild North: a trek into the dramatic ‘pale hills’ of the Dolomites, searching for mountain air, natural wine, and a canopy of stars. This is ideal stuff for families, friends, lovers, and solo travellers. But wherever you decide to go, it’s our job to create a perfectly bespoke travel itinerary for your Italy holiday, and not simply to sell you what’s gone before. That would be far too easy. And very un-Italian.

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Example Italy trips

These are simply suggestions for the kind of luxury Italian holiday you might have. Your itinerary will be tailor-made for you, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

What to see and do in Italy

If these Italy tours aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we’ll plan an exclusive itinerary. Just for you.


Italy – the land of renowned renaissance masterpieces, rich gelato, rolling vineyards, and azure waters. Arguably the most infatuating country in Europe, there is something for everyone, from the gastronomic delights in Modena to the dazzling labyrinths of Venice, the striking ruins of Pompeii to the designer storefronts in Milan. Both romantic and family focused, your luxury Italian holiday awaits.


Thanks to the dazzling ceiling frescos at the Vatican and the gaping hole in the Pantheon, Rome doesn’t limit its wonders to eye-level. Be it tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain or standing small underneath the impressive Colosseum, Rome is a fascinating place that has you peering upwards in wonder. Here you’ll explore tales of emperors, gladiators, wealth, and war with our family-friendly adventure.


Italy is diverse – from the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the urban metropolis of Milan – there’s no shortage of landscapes to get lost in on your luxury escape. Experience some of the best wine in the world with our private Tuscany tours, or set up shop on the island of Capri, where turquoise waters lap onto sun-soaked beaches. The choice is yours.


While Italy doesn’t scream Winter Wonderland, we think it should. Cosy and homey, it’s not just for the skiers – think wellness spas, hot tubs with unbeatable vistas, sauna sessions and Turkish baths for your luxury holiday this time. Nights can be filled with horse-drawn carriage rides to charming villages, cluttered with Christmas markets and illuminated castles. It may not be your average Italian holiday, but it will be one that delivers everlasting memories.

Rolling hills of Tuscany

If Italy was an art gallery then Tuscany, both rural and urban, would be its masterpiece. Learn the little-known stories hidden in the Renaissance architecture of Florence on a private guided tour. Take a private hot air balloon ride over Val d’Orcia’s calm and colorful hills en route to wine tasting at the region’s best-in-class vineyards before joining a truffle hunt with some locals.

Romantic Verona

Romance runs through the city that provided the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Around the corner from every busy photo op are quaint streets and piazzas peppered with alluring architecture and fine dining. Private table at the much-loved Bottega del Vino? Space is limited and we make no guarantees about how much room you’ll have for dessert after you’ve mopped up the exquisite Baccalà con Polenta and Risotto con Vino Amarone.

Fashionable Milan

The home of Italian futurism and the motor car, Milan is an evolving city steeped in history. Why not experience its best contradictions? Indoors, you can get lost in an endless supply of 20th-century art, treat your taste buds with the aroma and soft taste of infused risotto alla Milanese, or stroll the Quadrilatero d’Oro for retail therapy via the world’s most exclusive brands, such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta.

Blink luxury camping

We don’t limit you to bricks and mortar hotels. Luxury Blink camping lets you spend a night anywhere. Explore breathtaking Tuscan hilltops, escape to alpine serenity at Lake Lugano, or head into the untouched wilderness along the Amalfi Coast. Whether you’re planning a remote retreat or simply getting away from city life for a night of bliss, Blink allows you to experience a different side to Italy travel and feel true tranquility.

Enjoy exclusive access to the Vatican

Soak up the history of the Sistine Chapel and stroll around the Raphael Rooms at your leisure, enjoying the papal city in complete privacy. The iconic St. Peter’s Basilica presents the finest hour of Renaissance architecture and is also the ideal spot to appreciate panoramic views of the Vatican gardens.

Visit as part of ‘The Young Pope’ guided tour (inspired by the landmark television series) and spend eight nights in the lap of luxury, with your very own private jet, prestige hotels, unique dining experiences, and more.

Explore Lake Como from a private helicopter

Take to the air with a unique helicopter tour over Lake Como and enjoy the neoclassical architecture set against the hypnotic waters from above. Survey the striking green hills and take in the dramatic scenery with the wind running through your hair. When you’re ready to take a break, stop off for a bite to eat at the breathtaking Isola Bella island, privately catered for with fresh-caught pesce persico ready to satisfy your taste buds.

This is just one of our many exciting experiences on Lake Como.

Get close and personal with Europe’s highest volcano

With a private Jeep tour taking you through the winding slopes, explore the ever-changing lunar-esque environment of the explosive Mount Etna. From bubbling lava to the smoking cap, feel the heat of the active volcano like nothing else, with exclusive views of the wondrous Sicilian landscape, this is like nowhere else in Italy and our all-inclusive trip is one to remember.

The best of Italy


Welcome to the ‘eternal city’ – sacked, burnt to the ground, and rising resplendent.

The Vatican City, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum and the modernist abandon of the EUR district. Our city breaks and trips to Rome do justice to its curious and ancient history; with cucina povera and enotecas (rustic cooking and on-trend wine bars, in effect). Most Italian tours include a stop in Rome and, once you’ve been, you’ll understand why.

The Dolomites

The so-called pale mountains are the home of thrilling climbs and slow food.

Steep, rugged, beautiful, otherworldly. This is a very different Italy to Sicily and the Amalfi coast. Some come for its slow food, others for its ski resorts and local obsession with via ferrata (pre-roped, semi-climbing routes). For hikers, the remote villages and stunningly clear air are reason enough.


This is where the Italians go to relax on their own Italian vacation.

Limestone clifftop towns and patient Adriatic waters. Puglia is the calm ‘breadbasket’ of Italy – providing much of the country’s olive oil and wheat. The food is roughly beautiful and amazingly fresh. Towns like Ostuni and Matera are a honeycomb of labyrinths and mazes. At Borgo Egnazia, you’ll encounter one of the world’s most immersive hotels.

Casa Angelina, Amalfi Coast

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Borgo Pignano, Tuscany

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Hotel de Russie, A Rocco Forte Hotel, Rome

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