Luxury Holidays in Belize

Why should you travel to Belize with us?

Perched upon the eastern edge of Central America, Belize boasts see-through Caribbean waters and a heady package of culture and heritage. On a luxury holiday in Belize, you’ll drink a cocktail of adventure and sun-kissed relaxation as you come face to face with ocelots and pumas one day and channel your inner eco-warrior in luxury jungle lodges and exclusive private isles the next.

What to see and do in Belize


Can you Belize it? Jungles, jaguars and private coves, ripe for jumping into and swimming in or staring at, lovingly, appreciatively. Floating off the eastern edge of Central America, these paradisiacal coastlines merge private islets and luxury jungle lodges, where the ruins of ancient civilizations stud the jungles and hundreds of bright, colourful birds arc and play in the skies. Go on, unleash your inner adventurer.


If adventure’s your thing, then Belize has got your back. On a private luxury tour of this Edenic garden of paradise, you’ll wander among the ruins of ancient civilizations at Xunantunich and San Ignacio; dive the tropical reefs; explore Mayan caves; and ascend a mysterious pyramid. This could be another world.


In Belize, it’s all about lodges and luxury. Whether you stay on the tranquil cusp of its glittering cays or deep within the heart of the jungle, you’ll experience enviable food, world-class service, and sumptuous spa treatments. There’s also the ultimate in bohemian island getaways, with the private Coral Caye hotel – perched atop its own barrier reef.


Thriving reefs? Check. Ancient, Jungle ruins? Check. Central American safari? Check. And world-class, luxury hotels? Check check check. Belize is, by any measure, a truly diverse and rewarding option for a luxury honeymoon, whether you want to explore to simply take it easy.

Luxury Travel in Belize

As luxury travel experts, we can tailor your bespoke trip to Belize entirely to you, whether you wish to experience the jungle, the beaches, or the thrill of adventure. Or all three. With glass-encased wine cellars, rainforest infinity pools, and beachside thatched cottages, we’ll arrange for you to stay at some of Belize’s most luxurious hotels. On this luxury trip, you’ll spend your days snorkelling between coral reefs, canoeing through Mayan caves by torchlight, and embarking on RTV rainforest safaris. And that’s only the beginning.

The best of Belize

Gaia Riverlodge

Step into Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and sitting atop a tall ridge, overlooking the spectacle of the Five Sisters Waterfalls, you'll find Gaïa…
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Copal Tree Lodge

At Copal Tree Lodge, the luxury of your stay lies in unspoilt natural surroundings and a heartfelt commitment to sustainability. But that's not to say that…
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Coral Caye

Sitting atop a thriving barrier reef and lapped by tranquil Belizean waters, Coral Caye is a bohemian island getaway, perfect for escapism. Be it just…
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