Luxury Holidays in the Middle East

Roses, spices, apricots, coffee, and incense. Whether you’re hiking in the Jebel Akhdar mountains or navigating the winding streets of Jerusalem, these captivating Middle Eastern destinations are a treat for all the senses. Between pita baking workshops, hot stone massages, dry desert heat, lavish Ottoman summer palaces, and spectacular mosques – here, you’ll find the perfect blend of rich history and modern luxuries. From ancient realms and lost cities to towering skyscrapers and private pools. Simply float in the healing waters of the Dead Sea and let it all drift away.

The Middle East is a place for those seeking the wonders of the world – ancient and new. Whether you’re witnessing prayer at the world’s holiest Jewish site or enjoying a hot air balloon ride as the sun rises over Pigeon Valley’s ‘fairy chimneys’, we’ll show you the best places in the Middle East to feel that glorious sense of child-like wonder. Imagine green lagoons, shipwrecks, coral gardens, and streaming thermal springs.

Just ask our Middle East Travel Experts for this enticing continent’s best kept secrets. They’ve spent years unravelling its mysteries and unearthing its gems. From turtle sanctuaries and wellness spas to ancient coffee rituals and drinks on a remote island. Whether you’re sunbathing in Bitez Bay or sailing down the Nile in a traditional felucca – we’ll curate a trip perfectly tailored to your wishes.

Goat headed god sculptures in Egypt, Middle East

Ancient civilisations

The Middle East is the cradle of civilisation. No, really. This is a continent blessed with numerous Roman ruins and Biblical sites, not to mention Egyptian temples and Omani Beehive tombs. Even the white-marbled Ephesus. We’ll get you exclusive access into the base of the Sphinx of Giza with a world-renowned archaeologist and take you on a snorkelling adventure among the ruins of Caesarea. Whether you’re learning the art of hieroglyphic writing, viewing the oldest known copy of the Bible at the Israel Museum, or entering the Lost City of Petra by candlelight. This ancient land is a world of captivating mystery and allure.

Dubai at golden hour in the Middle East

Modern Cities

Many Middle Eastern cities are renowned for their historical influences, bustling bazaars, and the heady scent of exotic spices. But this continent also has an unexpectedly modern twist. What if we told you that you could soak up the sun on a golden Mediterranean beach in Tel Aviv. Or visit the craft beer breweries of Amman. Here, you’ll take to the skies in a helicopter ride over Dubai, enjoy exclusive rooftop parties, or climb the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, for stunning views of the Persian Gulf. We’ll take you on a journey through Rainbow Street’s boutiques and the glitzy restaurants of Qatar. This is the Middle East from a glamorously modern perspective.

Wadi Rum desert, Middle East


Sweeping sand dunes, moon-like landscapes, waterfalls, and freshwater pools. By camel, helicopter, hot air balloon, or vintage Land Rover, our Travel Experts will show you the best deserts in the Middle East. We’ll take you on a desert safari to spot exotic wildlife, an exhilarating “dune bashing” experience, camel treks at sunset and hot air balloon rides over Wadi Rum as the sun rises. Stargaze at Makhtesh Ramon Crater. Sandboard down the steep dunes of the Arabian desert. Even take a dip in the lush green oasis of Ein Gedi. Experience the desert, Black Tomato style.


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