Historic, humbling and thought-provoking. Israel has become a captivating destination calling out to the most curious of travellers to explore. From ancient archaeological sites and the hypnotic Negev desert to the urban bustle of Tel Aviv, delve into this warm and cultured country today.

Wadi Rum, Jordan


From the hustle and bustle of its creative capital to the soothing silence of its deserts and their centuries-old nomadic tribes, Jordan offers an adventureland as diverse in its culture as it is in its landscapes. A place that will impress even the most seasoned of travellers; a tailormade holiday in Jordan is made for intrepid adventure and mind-blowing discoveries.


Remarkably untouched, despite hiding in plain sight; a luxury holiday in Oman will take you beyond the bustling souks and ornate palaces of Muscat to discover local herdsmen out in the wadis and the pristine beaches of the Musandam Peninsula. Overwhelmingly atmospheric, Oman is so much more than a stopover.



Perched on the Persian Gulf, a luxury holiday in Qatar takes some of our favourite aspects of the Middle East and delivers them in a way that few others have taken the time to see. Here, desert sands drift to reveal a thriving art scene that sits alongside ancient wonder and some of the region’s most authentic experiences. Spontaneous and original, Qatar is fast developing into so much more than a stop-over.

United Arab Emirates

The tallest skyscrapers, the most luxurious hotels, the best, well, everything – the United Arab Emirates is a place of superlatives. A glittering collection of seven Emirates, you can’t help but feel overcome by an ‘anything-is-possible’ attitude here. Luxury of the grandest proportions, perfectly complemented by a unique blend of tradition and cultural diversity; a luxury holiday in the UAE truly does have it all – and then some.

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