Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Malaysia

Unobtrusively elegant, Malaysia plays host to a hypnotic blend of contrasts. A place where traditional wooden longhouses rub shoulders with skyscrapers that light up the stratosphere and dense humid jungle terrains meet the cooling breezes of misty highlands and beaches dipped into the ocean; a luxury holiday in Malaysia is nothing like what you would expect and home to a diversity that cannot fail to astound.

What to see and do in Malaysia


The scent of frying bean sprouts in the night markets of Ipoh; the mist-soaked rainforest boardwalks of Pahang; climbing the rainbow-coloured steps of the Batu Caves. Malaysia is vibrant, enriching, and powerfully tranquil. From spice gardens to the eclectic culture of Kuala Lumpur, there is much to enjoy about this varied archipelago on the South China Sea.


One of the best ways to experience the tranquil diversity of Malaysia is by private tour, where your guide will introduce not only to the orangutans of Borneo and the blissful beaches of Langkawi, but also those places untouched by the crowds; collecting your thoughts among the tea plantations and strawberry fields of the Cameron Highlands, and stepping back in time in the Old Town of Ipoh. Delicate cups of Ipoh White Coffee are not to be missed.


From highlands to islands, villages to cities, Malaysia has a stunning array of luxury hotels and resorts in which to rest your head. The Four Seasons will delight and indulge you, while the verdant Japamala Resort on Tioman Island will make you feel as free as a, well, orangutan. The pace of life is just that tranquil, here.


Glimpsing the blue-dark triangular mountains of the highlands, shrouded in mist; or tentatively watching the languid orangutans through the trees – Malaysia is romantic, heady, and like nowhere else on earth. Whether you feel like setting down on private beaches or wandering the night markets in search of mouth-watering roti tisu, Malaysia is a natural choice for an adventurous, albeit relaxing, luxury honeymoon.

The best of Malaysia

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Japamala Resort, Tioman Island

Based on the tiny island of Tioman just off Malaysia's east coast, this secluded resort is the ultimate back to nature escape. The intense intimacy between…
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Seven Terraces, Penang

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