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The world may be conquered, but enough secrets remain to keep us up all night, dreaming of ways to whisk you off to the most unique corners of the globe. Offering some of the most unique travel experiences on earth is what we pride ourselves on. The only problem is picking which adventure to embark on first…

Our Unusual and Unique Experiences

Amazon, Andes, and The Galápagos Islands

Amazon, Andes and the Galapagos Islands

From colonial Quito, become a true explorer and delve deep into the tropical Amazon rainforest, where you’ll learn the ways of the Huaorani tribe before heading up to the Ecuadorian Andes and cruising through the beautiful coves of the Galápagos to see some of the world’s most exotic wildlife.

Holidays in Denmark

Culinary discoveries and Norse legends in the Faroe Islands

For an extra dash of adventure, take in the culture of Copenhagen, with its wide array of museums and renowned foodie scene, before heading north to the Faroe Islands and discovering ancient Viking territory and mesmerising landscapes.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Sail Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago

You've explored the beauty of mainland Myanmar but the Mergui Archipelago is something else. Sail around the remote islands aboard a private yacht, trek through its untouched jungles and swim in azure waters without laying eyes on another soul - apart from the occasional Moken fisherman.

Eagles and nomads in Mongolia

Journey to Mongolia’s wild west for an incredible and unique nomadic experience, set against the vast landscapes of the Bayan-Olgiy region. You'll bed down in traditional ger camps with local nomadic families and learn how to master the art of hunting with golden eagles on horseback.

Holidays in New Zealand

Heli ski the Andes and Southern Alps

1 hemisphere, 3 countries, 1 week; take in some of the best ski spots in the Southern Hemisphere from Argentina and Chile to New Zealand in the space of a week as you heli-ski and cross-country ski to your heart's content - plus a bit of downhill of course.

Botswana holidays

A paddle boarding and heli safari through the Okavango Delta

Home to the Okavango Delta and its wildlife-rich waters, Botswana makes for one of the most thrilling safari destinations in Africa. See it all with a twist on board an adrenalin-fuelled stand-up paddle boarding safari before getting above it all on a private island heli-safari in the heart of the Delta.


A Family Adventure in the Lofoten Islands

Embark on an unforgettable family adventure through one of the most stunning natural environments on earth as you channel your inner Viking, kayak through famous fjords and have a midnight BBQ in the light of day.

Paragliding in South Africa

Learn to paraglide over the South African Cape

For thrill-seekers and adventurers looking to learn a brand new skill and get a unique vantage point on Cape Town, we'll take you off the beaten path to explore the city from a completely different perspective; from up in the sky, as you master the art of Tandem Paragliding with expert guides.

Mountain treks and tribal encounters in Papua New Guinea

If you’re craving a challenging adventure from your next travel experience, the chance to venture into the unknown and to truly get yourself off the grid, Papua New Guinea is sure to quench your thirst. Discover uncharted territory, push yourself with daring cave descents and harness your hunter-gatherer skills


Explore rainforests and deserted beaches in Madagascar

For beachside bliss with a wilder twist, this trip to Madagascar will introduce you to rich wildlife and otherworldly landscapes as you traverse jungles by horseback before heading up to the north coast and its endless beaches.

Holidays in Nepal

A Cultural and Safari Adventure in Nepal

Land of the Gurkhas, shaggy-coated yaks and some of the most incredible mountain scenery in the world, Nepal is anything but ordinary. Discover the very best of Nepal’s national parks, lakes and mountains, and a world of adventure, serenity and raw natural beauty that few have experienced.

A unique opportunity

The Ultimate Volcano Adventure

Discover the natural beauty of Iceland on this tectonic adventure into the centre of the earth as you venture into Þríhnúkagigur Volcano. An experience not available anywhere else on earth, you'll have the chance to witness the geological workings of our planet.

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