There are few better feelings than sand between your toes and sunshine on your skin, but sometimes you need a beach vacation with an added twist. Whether that twist comes in the form of a remote paradise in an unexpected locale, an intriguing cultural combination, or a fresh new perspective on an old favourite is up to you. But just in case you’re finding yourself lost for choice, below are some of our most unique and unusual beach vacations. With everything from the isolation of Madagascar’s northern shores to picture-perfect beaches twinned with Borneo’s orangutan-filled forests, why not make this beach side getaway one to remember?

Our Top 5 Unusual Beach Holidays:

  1. Black Sand Beaches, Iceland
  2. The Great Blue Hole, Belize
  3. Island Beaches, Madagascar
  4. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
  5. Secluded Beaches, Uruguay

If you’re looking for some even more unusual holidays, try below.


#1 The black sand beaches of Iceland

For thousands of years this volcanic island has been spurting out lava. In the case of Reynisfjara beach on the south coast, the lava flows down and out to the ocean, cooling against the salt water and over the centuries reforming itself into the dark sand you can now find there. There’s a few like this in Iceland, but the story of the basalt formations make this beach for us extra special.


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#2 Dive The Great Blue Hole in Belize

300 metres across, 125 metres deep. This is not your drive way pot hole. The Great Blue hole in Belize is truly one of a kind. Located on the Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 100km off the Belize coastline, this is largest sinkhole in the world. Perfect for recreational scuba divers that want to dive in crystal clear waters and descend into a part of the world that was only discovered in 1971 and only in the last few years has anyone got to the very bottom. What are you waiting for?


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#3 From the forests to the beach in Madagascar

Ok it’s not a photo of a beach. But it is unusual and the road, yes, leads to the beach. For many Madagascar has been an enigma of a destination, a striking and wild island off the east coast of Africa that few  had visited across the earlier years of exploration. Today however the place is (though still quiet) a destination you simply cannot miss. Have a look at our all encompassing Madagascar experience to see a different side of Africa.


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#4 Head back in time to Montenegro

Kotor Bay, one of the most spectacular natural bays you could wish to see. And luckily for us, one that not everyone has yet discovered. Ships and merchants would pass through here for centuries, trading good from as far as China with western Europe. This part of the world now finds itself beautifully caught between the new and the old. Whilst retaining much of the old world charm, new hotels like the iconic Sveti Stefan along the coast has opened up the country to a wave of new possibilities. Especially with this itinerary connecting your time away with Croatia.


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#5 A beach destination you say? Welcome to Uruguay.

Gauchos, yes. Wine, yes. Mountains, yes. Grasslands, yes. Beaches, also yes. Whilst not know for being a beach haven, Uruguay has some secluded spots that if you know about, you won’t want to miss on an adventure to South America. On our eleven night journey from Argentina up to Uruguay you’ll take in all of the classics (with a Black Tomato twist, of course) with some beach paradise at the end. It’s not a bad way to spend your last days unwinding in utter peace and quiet. And Brasero’s fire pit is the most idyllic spot to enjoy a glass of the Vik’s signature house wine while watching the sun set over the Atlantic.


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Looking for something else?

Had a read of the above but still looking for something else? We have some more options for you below and if you’re looking to pick up some sunshine whilst exploring a weird and wonderful place, take a look at our unusual holidays here.

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