Rob Murray-John

Greenland Travel Expert

Greenland really is one of the world’s last remaining frontiers; a playground of intrepid explorers where, in the heart of a true wilderness, you can go for miles without seeing another soul. A journey as much as a destination, a tailormade holiday in Greenland opens up to Arctic splendour from the viewpoint of snow-shoes, snowmobiles and cross-country skis on an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Rob Murray-John

Greenland Travel Expert

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Greenland Highlights

Retreat to true wilderness in far-flung Greenland, where you can go for miles without seeing another soul. Explore rugged landscapes with vast fields of sea ice and towering icebergs and track polar bears across deserted tundra.

More about Greenland


Moody, sensitive and enormous, Greenland – with its seas of jagged ice, stately mountains, and desolate landscapes – is the ultimate destination for those who want to channel their inner explorer and get very Jack London with nature. Inuit mythology conceives of creatures, the Adlet – part human, part canine – who roamed these myth-blurred landscapes. So turns the mind in this most dramatic of places, where the deserted villages of Kap Hope and Tobin give way to the shuddering and dramatic Hurry fjord. Traverse this unimaginable land by snowmobile, take a hearty lunch on an iceberg, and summit unnamed mountains in search of the heart of Greenlandic culture.

Luxury tours in Greenland


Traversing this great, moody landscape is – undeniably – the fun part. From the shattered, black-grey spires of its mountains to the ghost villages and tumbled monoliths that scatter this landscape of ice and stone, join a private tour to experience everything from the isolated village of Ittoqqortoormiit to tracking polar bears across the ice.

Best hotels in Greenland


Unsurprisingly, Greenland’s offering of hotels isn’t by any means ordinary. But that, for the adventurous among you, is its biggest calling card. Isolated villages, glacial boutique hotels, and mountainous lodges are the order of the day, including the panoramic views offered by the incomparable Ilimanaq Lodge – where you can literally watch whales pirouetting in the waters beneath you.

Adventure honeymoons in Greenland


For those who want to do their honeymoon differently, Greenland is the obvious – albeit challenging – choice. Forget lounging in the sun and indulging yourself in silver service restaurants. This is all about pushing yourself, whether dining on a slab of iceberg or slowly, surely, tracking polar bears across the frigid ice. We don’t hold back on the comforts, but this is a far cry from faraway St. Tropez.

Greenland Highlights

Retreat to true wilderness in far-flung Greenland, where you can go for miles without seeing another soul. Explore rugged landscapes with vast fields of sea ice and towering icebergs and track polar bears across deserted tundra.

Where to stay in Greenland


In this arctic wilderness, life is hard but rewarding. There’s no gaudy opulence and little to say this is the 21st century at all. But that’s the fun part. Instead, bed down in your own igloo, perch in a cosy lodge above the crashing ice and waters, and drink up the air at the very edge of the world. You’ll have the best night’s sleep of your life.

Stay on Greenland's fjords


Striking out to the Inuit settlement of Oqaatsut - after paddling among the icebergs - you’ll learn much about traditional Greenlandic culture and food. On Disko Island, you’ll stay in the cosy Disko Lodge - which affords panoramic views over, quite simply, some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Stay on the ice


Going back to basics, you’ll build - under instruction - your own igloo for a night of authentic and cosy comfort beneath the black night sky and crystal-sharp stars. It’s not for the fainthearted, but remains one of the most unique ‘hotel’ experiences in the known world.

Best hotels in Greenland's wild


In the region of Kalkdal, you’ll have the opportunity of a truly streamlined experience - sleeping either in a tent or a remote, traditional hut. With no modern conveniences, you’ll hark back to the days of the region’s pioneering explorers, before waking to a field of untouched, brilliant-white snow. The amazing Postkassen Valley - and its bold peaks - await.

  • Capital Capital Nuuk
  • Currency Currency Danish Krone
  • Language Language Greenlandic, Danish
  • Population Population 56,200
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT -1 | ET +3
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip

    "Strap on some snow shoes and embrace the slow life as you traverse trailless landscapes and take in breath-taking scenery"

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