Alys Colayera

Montenegro Travel Expert

Why should you travel to Montenegro with us?

Rugged mountians, mirror-like lakes, and blissful beaches – this country is one of Europe’s lesser-known jewels.

On a serene stretch of the Mediterranean, Montenegro has an almost ethereal feel about it. A tranquil alternative to neighbouring Croatia and Italy, spend some time embracing the simplicity of being. A luxury holiday in Montenegro is all about living life on the road less travelled, as you wander wide open spaces to see a place through the eyes of a local and escape the ordinary for a week or two. Speed across the bay of Kotor to visit the iconic Lady of the Rock, hike around Lovcen, wine taste your way through Virpazar, and dine out on fresh seafood in Parast. This is Adriatic elegance at its finest.

Alys Colayera

Montenegro Travel Expert

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Montenegro Highlights

Montenegro is one of the lesser known jewels of Europe. It has an eclectic landscape of rugged mountains, cliffs, mystical forests and timeless beaches. Get in quick, before the rest of the world finds out about this treasure.
More about Montenegro


This small landmass, and its tiny population, contains – like all small packages, as it goes – a concertina of surprises. Rising nonchalantly from the calm Adriatic sea, this southern Balkan nation ascends into mist-soaked, moody mountains, rugged roads, hidden monasteries, and exquisitely meaty cuisine – where Italian bistro lifestyle meets montaine moodiness. Its flame has, increasingly, drawn the attention of adrenaline junkies (look again at those mountains), but it also serves up a rich platter of historic towns, tranquil beaches, and island-hopping idylls. Sophia Loren spoke highly of it, as if it were a fairytale. Is that enough?

Tour the Adriatic Coast


The country’s elegant and animated coast stares across at its invisible neighbour, Italy. And, like Italy, it has a balmy summer climate and is studded with old, terracotta-coloured medieval villages, which – in turn – share space with St. Tropez-style jet set beaches and the odd sugar-lump of a cruise liner, heaving into view. The Bay of Kotor is, properly speaking, Europe’s most southerly Fjord, and beautiful Kotor sits prettily at its edge – a maze of sun-soaked squares, fresh fish, and scurrying hikes up the rocky sides of its verdant cliffs, from where – we’d recommend – you join a private tour. In the same manner, the fortified island village of Sveti Stefan offers a bucolic destination for a honeymoon retreat, where you can wander the 15th-century villas and dip your toes into the relaxing waters of the Adriatic.

Montenegro's best hotels


During your tranquil summer sojourn in Montenegro, you’ll likely stay at one of the country’s grateful and embracingly luxurious coastal hotels. Aman have worked their expected magics on the islet of Sveti Stefan, wrapping its 15th century buildings around a decidedly modern approach to comfort. And yet, it still enjoys the glamour, mystery, and romance of this slice of unburdened coastline. Between white billowing curtains, laden olive branches, and cobbled streets, you’ll find yourself at home.

Honeymoons in Montenegro


Marilyn Monroe used to catch her down time on Montenegro’s coast – enjoying not only the tranquility, but the romance of this ever surprising corner of the world. Montenegro, whether taken alone or combined with its more established neighbours, Italy and Croatia, is a perfect spot to enjoy a laid back, atmospheric, and luxury honeymoon, right on the lip of the Adriatic sea. If you want a break from the palms, many head into the mountains to visit the stately surrounds of the Mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, the man who contributed to Montenegro’s transformation into an independent state during the 1840s and 50s. From here, high above the clouds, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best views in the country.

More Experiences

Kotor in Montenegro

Bay of Kotor

A butterfly-shaped bay wedged between the mountains.

Set against an incredible mountainous backdrop, the UNESCO-protected town of Kotor is our go-to destination in Montenegro. Home to the famous sailors and traders of the Bay and the impressive St. Trifun Cathedral and Maritime Museum, there’s lots to keep you busy. Wander down charming cobblestone streets, take a boat out to the iconic islet Our Lady of the Rock, climb Kotor’s city walls at sunrise, and enjoy a guided tour of Perast with a historian.

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Lovcen National Park

Lovćen National Park

The inspiration behind Montenegro’s name.

Boasting beautiful views over Boka Bay, Lovćen is the mountain that gave Crna Gora (Montenegro) its name – translating from Black Mountain. Laden with hiking trails covered in flora and countless wildlife species like deer and hedgehogs, Lovćen National Park is a mecca for activities and definitely one for the wildlife lovers. After hiking, biking, or zip-lining we’ll take you to Lovćen’s charming village of Niegusi – known for its production of smoked ham and cheese – to sample these local delicacies.

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Lake Skadar, Montenegro

Lake Skadar National Park

A naturist’s dream and a mirror image of Arizona’s horseshoe bend.

Stretching across Montenegro and Albania, Lake Skadar has made its mark as the largest lake in Southern Europe. Scattered with floating fields of water lilies, chestnut, and orchids, the ancient lake is home to a rich and remarkable freshwater biodiversity – with local folklore stating the lake was created by the tears of a pixie. For a low and slow travel experience, we’ll arrange a wooden fisherman boat to guide you around the lake, passing endangered otters, native fish, nesting birds, and water snakes. We’ll then take you to the fishing village of Virpazar for a winetasting masterclass, swirling and sipping the traditional red of Vranac.

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Montenegro Highlights

Montenegro is one of the lesser known jewels of Europe. It has an eclectic landscape of rugged mountains, cliffs, mystical forests and timeless beaches. Get in quick, before the rest of the world finds out about this treasure.
Hotels in Montenegro


Often touted as a less oversubscribed and largely untouched alternative to neighbouring Italy and Croatia, Montenegro still enjoys its fair share of comfort and luxury - particularly along its glimmering Adriatic coast.

Hotels in Montenegro's capital city


Montenegro’s capital city has undergone multiple changes of name and regime, all of which have left their physical mark on this small but surprising city. Among Ottoman towers, Austro-Hungarian facades, and Communist-era apartment blocks, the city also boasts quite a handful of five star luxury hotels from which to explore this city in a nutshell.

Hotels on Montenegro's coast


Effortless in its style and substance, Aman’s glamorous hotel on the islet of Sveti Stefan offers guests the best of the brand’s globe-straddling comfort combined with one of Montenegro’s most exclusive - and visually arresting - settings. The 15th century buildings, prettily fortified walls, and sparkling waters, offer a genuine slab of old-world romance and modern convenience. Forget Italy.

Hotels in Montenegro's bay


The Bay of Kotor - Montenegro’s faultless, verdant fjord that cleaves along the western edge of the country - is speckled with old-world villages, crystal waters, and eye-opening views. Not unsurprisingly, many of the country’s best luxury hotels are plumped on its rugged cliffs, with stunning panoramic views out over this remarkable natural landscape.

  • Population Population 650,000
  • Capital Capital Podgorica 
  • Language Language Montenegrin
  • Currency Currency Euro
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT+1 | ET+6
  • Best time Best time

    May - Oct

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