Spices in Morocco

Northern Africa

A heady and intoxicating mix of sights and sounds - Northern Africa is certainly one to tick off the bucket list. For the cultural lover, set your sights on the cities of Marrakesh or explore the iconic pyramids of Egypt. Or adventurers can trek into the Atlas Mountains or camp under the stars with Berbers in the middle of the Sahara.

Elephants in Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa | Black Tomato

Sub-Saharan Africa

The ultimate destination for nature lovers. The vast landscapes of Sub-Saharan Africa are teeming with wildlife from the savannah of Tanzania, to the deserts of Namibia and the coral reefs of Mozambique. With lodges and camps to suit all tastes and needs, we'll find the perfect place for you to fall in love with this corner of Africa.




With pristine beaches, boutique havens and the best rum punch around, the Caribbean has everything you need for the ultimate chic adventure – it’s safe to say we’ve fallen head over heels. So get in touch with us and we will open our little black book to find you the ultimate stylish abode for your Caribbean escape.

Machu Picchu, Peru | Black Tomato

Latin America

Vibrant, colourful, charming, the countries which make up Latin America are fantastic. There’s a huge variety of landscapes for you to discover, from salt flats to beaches and rainforests to glaciers, with ancient ruins and lively festivals to enjoy as well, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sunset over the Hunt's Mesa, USA | Black Tomato

North America

A continent which is home to the second biggest country in the world, a sea containing more than 7,000 stunning islands and a country filled with cities that never sleep - North America is huge. We’ve collected all the info you’ll need to get the lowdown on this eclectic land mass.


Views in the Maldives

Indian Ocean

When it comes to the islands and archipelagos of the Indian Ocean seeing really is believing. With clear waters, luxury hideaways, and powdery sands, it's the perfect destination for a beach escape, or as an add on to so many destinations. With a host of islands and properties to choose from, we've hand-picked a few of our favourites to tempt you.

Indian Subcontinent

Think brilliant colours, spiritual festivals, incredible flavours, undulating landscapes and golden beaches. It's no surprise that the intoxicating Indian Subcontinent is a firm favourite for a luxury holiday. Whether you're looking for a Keralan beach break or an adventure in the Nepalese Himalayas we can plan your perfect trip to this iconic part of the world.

Wadi Rum Desert Jordan Black Tomato

Middle East

Let us take you back in time to ancient ruins or get to know the centuries old customs of desert tribes. Have a bit of glitz and glamour in Dubai then hit the sand dunes on a camel safari or snorkel along the coral coastline of Oman. The Middle East really is a wonderland.

Cherry Blossom & Mt Fuji

North & Central Asia

With much more to offer than just Genghis Khan and sumo wrestling, we can't get enough of North and Central Asia. Experience a rich tapestry of history that spans across the centuries, as well as the modern cultures shaping today's world. From the wilds of the Mongolian Steppe to the bustling urban hub of Tokyo, let us help you uncover its secrets.

Rice terraces in Chiang Mai, Thailand

South East Asia

The countries that make up South East Asia are some of the most fascinating and vibrant in the world, with each one possessing its own unique character. Here you can discover tribes in the thick jungles of Borneo, lose yourself in a maze of temples in Myanmar, or find your slice of island perfection in Indonesia.


British Isles

Although small compared to some of its European neighbours, The British Isles manages to pack quite a punch when it comes to enriching and eye-opening experiences. Uncover bewildering historical castles and stately homes of the English countryside, live the high life in some of our favourite London hangouts or escape to the wild landscapes of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Dresden, Germany

Central Europe

Home to intriguing cities, alpine mountains, crumbling castles and history, the region of Central Europe is the perfect destination for a luxury escape. Let our experts show you the romance and grandeur of Vienna, with it's famous cafe culture, experience the best of Germany's innovative spirit and take in the pure mountain air of the Swiss Alps.

Reine, Norway

Iceland & Scandinavia

Home to countless geo-wonders Iceland and Scandinavia are the perfect setting for a wild and thrilling adventure, not to mention one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. For design and culinary junkies the capitals offer a wealth of innovative galleries, museums and some of the hippest bars and restaurants around.

Lake in Slovenia | Black Tomato

Russia & The East

Escape the tourist trail and head east to Russia and its neighbouring countries. Home to startling contrasts; barren landscapes to opulent cities. Uncover the secrets of the Russian Empire in Moscow or enjoy the white nights of St Petersburg - we'll help you plan the perfect experience.

Southern Europe

Sun-kissed landscapes, a perfect climate, bold cuisine, and some of our favourite romantic hideaways are all to be found in the countries of Southern Europe. Whether you're yearning for a slice of La Dolce Vita in Italy, or seeking a laid-back beach retreat in the Greek Isles we can help you find the perfect European getaway.


Australasia & Oceania

This magnificent continent is well worth the extra time it sometimes takes to get here. Visit Australia for mouth watering wines, bustling cities and glistening seascapes. Or make a bigger hop over to New Zealand for the Maori culture or the incredible ocean life of Fiji and French Polynesia

Pacific Ocean | Black Tomato

South Pacific

One of the most remote parts of the world, the South Pacific is a treasure trove of desert islands fringed by coral reefs. Island hop your way around the Cook Islands and French Polynesia and unravel the ancient tribal heritage that's rooted here, as well as reclining on the picture perfect beaches.