Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Slovenia

Why should you travel to Slovenia with us?

A world of moonlit forests and twisting turquoise rivers, Slovenia is a fairytale destination.

Home to storybook castles, historic towns, and picturesque alpine landscapes; there’s an undeniable allure to Slovenia that will draw in adventurers, historians, and connoisseurs alike. Whilst many will stroll Ljubljana and sail Lake Bled, what we find so entrancing about a tailormade holiday in Slovenia is the younger side of this country that’s muscling its way through to find a place on the world stage through innovative cuisine and a laidback outlook.

What to see and do in Slovenia

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


By the 1950s, Slovenia enjoyed considerably open and liberal culture as part of Tito’s Yugoslav federation and as part of the Non-Aligned Movement, it would emerge as one of the most financially healthy Yugoslav republics. Fast forward to today and this mountainous, airy country is marked by fairytale cities, startling blue lakes, and knife-like mountain peaks, while enjoying a rewarding mix of Balkan, Italian, and Austrian culture. Between these stellar highlights lie medieval villages, white churches, and train-line excursions that bend and yaw between the snows and the waters. This is picturesque – and culinarily adventurous – Slovenia.


One of the best ways to experience the mish-mash of cultures that overlap in Slovenia is through its food. In recent years, the country has become a regional epicentre for avant-garde cuisine and world-class fine dining. Join a private food tour of the country and sample and savour native truffles, Tuscan-style wineries (such as that at Goriska Brda), and the native produce menus of Hiša Polonka, one of the best restaurants in the world run by the exceptional Ana Roš. Check out our Slovenian Tasting Notes itinerary to take the tour.


Slovenia is a predominantly natural country; with few cities and little in the way of ghastly infrastructure blocking access to those stunning views. It figures that the country’s hotels are beautiful, boutiquey, and right at the heart of the natural world. Hisa Franko – for example – was the peaceful enclave from which Hemmingway wrote his debut novel, A Farewell to Arms. With its herb and flower gardens, and pale pink estate, it’s easy to see why he found it so relaxing after sustaining injuries on the Italian front.


Romantic castles, rearing mountains, and mirror-like lakes make for a very Honeymoon appropriate atmosphere. Whether you want to go back to nature in Triglav National Park, scour the eateries of Ljubljana, or sip wine on the edge of mesmerizing Lake Bled, Slovenia is an ideal honeymoon destination and one that remains curiously untapped. Enjoy some alone time together.

The best of Slovenia

Lake Bled

Emerald green waters, an isolated 17th-century church, and an enchanting past.

Nestled in the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is undoubtably the top tourist attraction in Slovenia – but there’s something you may not know. Folklore states the area was once a lush green valley that attracted shepherds and their sheep by day and dancing fairies by night. Afraid that the sheep would eat all the grass, the fairies requested a fence to be built around their dance floor – but the shepherds ignored the plea. Seeking revenge, the fairies flooded the valley, leaving only an island in the middle where they could continue to dance. Today, we couldn’t be more grateful for the natural wonder they created.

Soča Valley

Cyan water pools, narrow gorges, and deep green forestland.

Stretching from Triglav National Park in the northwest to Nova Gorica on the border of Italy, Soča Valley is every adventurist’s dream – and the setting of fierce mountain battles during World War One. Running through the rocky valley is the meandering, ever-turquoise Soča River. A mecca for watersports, we’ll arrange wildwater kayaking, paragliding, rafting, and even a fishing trip to catch a glimpse of the Soča Trout – a fish that attracts fishermen from all over the world.


Artisanal cafes, trendy bars, and gourmet restaurants.

Centred around Slovenia’s winding Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities – but it certainly packs a punch. By day, cycle along the leafy banks of the river, climb to Ljubljana Castle’s lookout tower, and marvel at the National Gallery’s outstanding art collection. By night, feast on Slovenian cuisine in some of the country’s most renowned eateries – a personal favourite of ours is Špajza, serving mouthwatering black risotto with cuttlefish.

Hisa Franko, Soca Valley

Inspired by the peace of the rolling hills and the iridescent landscape, it was here in the quaint Hisa Franko House Hotel that Ernest Hemingway…
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Gredič Castle, Slovenia

Welcome to one of Slovenia’s newest and most opulent hotels, in the heart of the Brda wine region. Oozing with character, Gredič is set within…
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