Learning from the world, in the world

Education begins in the classroom, but it doesn’t end there. From URL to IRL, it’s in the world that younger generations put their lessons to the test – discovering the inspiration for their futures and laying the foundations for their lives ahead.

Field Trip is the distillation of this belief – a brand-new curriculum of educational encounters around the world. Designed for ages 12 and over (though they can also work for younger ages, too), the classes offer incomparable educational opportunities and behind-the-scenes access, all of it led by a team of experts and insiders. These experiences can be included as part of your wider Black Tomato trip, but we can also build your journey entirely around them.

This is about seeing and experiencing – but it’s also about the sheer, unadulterated joy of learning for its own sake. They’ll get immersed and they’ll get involved. And when it’s all over, they’ll have supercharged their educations and found the fuel for their futures.

How it works

It’s satisfyingly simple. Field Trip classes are designed to be added on to your wider Black Tomato trip, rather than taken on their own.

Get inspired

Tell us what you’re interested in: by subject, class or destination.

Get planning

We’ll add your class to a wider Black Tomato experience, or we’ll build your entire journey around it.

Get ready

Your field trip is about to begin.