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Why should you travel to Kenya with us?

For years, we’ve been singing the praises of the country where safari first originated.

Between the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean and the tribes of the Maasai to the plunging, geological landmark of the ancient Rift Valley, this dramatic country is defined by its incredibly rich culture, its superior safari and its boisterous landscapes. We’ve spent years perfecting our list of the best lodges, the perfect safari itineraries, and the best cultural excursions. As the original safari destination, Kenya does safari with unbeatable aplomb. After all, nothing beats watching 1.5 million wildebeest crossing the serene Mara river. What’s more, we specialize in pairing Kenya with post-safari sojourns in the Seychelles and Zanzibar.

“Maybe that’s why I didn’t unpack”

An evocative memory of Kenya told through the lens of a traveller

What to see and do in Kenya

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.

Why Kenya can't be missed

From historic, sea-facing Mombasa to bustling Nairobi; from tropical Lake Victoria to the breathtaking plains of the Maasai Mara nature reserve, Kenya has as many identities as wild animals. Regardless of what you chose to do in this ancient, pastoral land, our bespoke, luxurys holidays in Kenya will stir the senses and bring you face to face with the natural world. Think hot air balloon rides over the Maasai Mara to witness the Great Migration and wild chef-prepared dinners out under the stars. Come with us and see Kenya from a new perspective.

Get ready to rumble

Any luxury holiday to Kenya is unthinkable without witnessing the immense, mind-altering spectacle of the Great Migration. Possibly the greatest show on earth, this event is an overwhelming and quite simply awe-inspiring wildlife experience during which time (once a year) over 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras, and 350,000 gazelles gather on the plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti and slowly – and then quickly – travel toward Kenya’s Maasai Mara. The thing you’ll remember most (more than the sight) is the sound: as the earth itself shakes and rumbles with the impact of millions of hooves, kicking up immense clouds of richly brown earth.

The original safari. And the best.

To many, Kenya is synonymous with safari. Not only was it the first country to host these spectacular sightings of wild nature, but it remains one of the best. Safari (coming from the Arabic word safar) means ‘to make a journey,’ meaning that your travel options are appropriately diverse: from luxury safari holidays that do away with modern vehicles, to an eye-opening hot air balloon safari that gives you a bird’s eye view of these lustrous landscapes. At the same time, Kenya’s safari experience places as much emphasis on simply ‘being there.’ Our luxurious lodges and hotels offer unrivaled opportunities to simply gaze upon this remarkable landscape, softly shaded beneath branches of supple acacia.

Take me to the water

On first glance, you imagine that some monolithic being has literally punched a hole into the earth. So vast, and so spectacular, is Kenya’s Ngorongoro Crater that it conjures up only the most mythological of associations. This caldera was formed by the collapsing of a volcano into itself. Filled with water, the area has become an unbeatable a wildlife magnet; drawing to it an enormously dense concentration of animals. A visit to the Ngorongoro Crater during your luxury holiday in Kenya is an undeniably soul-stirring experience, and one that can be tailor-made for you (whether you witness it from a hot air balloon, walking trip, or jeep).

Explore the vast Maasai Mara

Two years away from its independence in 1963, this vast swathe of Kenya – 520 square km in total – was carved out and designated as an area in which industrialisation and human settlement would stop. The result, across these great plains of rolling grassland – is the Maasai Mara, which should be on the itinerary of any luxury holiday to Kenya. The villages of the Maasai people, who have preserved their way of life against unwanted modernisation, keep watch over the lands, and over the millions of wild animals (hyena, zebra, giraffe, and more) that call this landscape home.

A walk (or drive) on the wild side

When planning almost any luxury holiday to Kenya, you will – almost certainly – think zoologically. If safari and the blockbuster spectacle of the Great Migration are your thing, we’ve got you covered. But there are yet more ways to experience Kenya’s wildlife. Some enjoy the comfort of game drives, hitting out across the verdant ground in jeeps to watch nature glide by. Others prefer something more intimate – with rhino tracking. There’s nothing quite like watching your guide release puffs of incense-like chalk into the air, holding your breath. And then the group halts – an arm is raised – before glimpsing these stunning creatures through bright green blades of tall grass.

The best of Kenya

Maasai Mara

Between July and October, the earth will quake with 2 million hooves.

As the birthplace of safari, Kenya has the art down to perfection. Witnessing the Great Migration in the stunning landscapes of the Maasai Mara is an experience like no other, and a true testament to this incredible experience. Settling down at one of the region’s best, exclusive lodges, you’ll have a front-row seat for a wildlife encounter like no other. Bring your camera. This is the closest you may ever get to wild, African animals.


Come day or night, game drives in this heavenly part of the world are something to behold.

The panoramic escarpments that sit above the plains of this eye-opening region frame a view of distant Mount Kenya. Hazy, lavender skies, the distant sound of elephant, and the flight of graceful eagles. The area is a hotbed for day and night game drives, quad biking, horse-riding, conservation work, and some truly exceptional rock-climbing and abseiling.


1,700m above sea level, Nairobi is East Africa’s largest and most energetic city.

Most travel operators will see Nairobi as a stepping stone on the way to safari. We value it as a thriving, culturally-rich destination in its own right. Young, modern and growing, its high altitude and intense greenery make it a breath of fresh air. It has incredible culture, eating and sights, and offers a vibrant salve to the more pre-lapsarian energy of the bush itself.

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Angama Mara, Maasai Mara

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Lengishu, Kenya

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