Angama Mara, Maasai Mara

Situated in the heart of East Africa, Angama Mara, named after the Swahili word for ’suspended in mid-air’, is a five-star luxury safari lodge providing you with a dreamlike experience of being caught somewhere between heaven and earth. With two totally separate camps, both with 15 tented suites, the rare beauty of Angama Mara will enchant you with its unrivalled exclusivity, breath-taking views and spectacular wildlife.


Despite the celestial illusion, this luxury Lodge is in fact easily accessible by just a one hour flight from Nairobi. In the heart of the Mara-Serengeti EcoSystem, Angama Mara’s remarkable location high above the Maasai Mara makes it the perfect safari destination and a guaranteed highlight in any adventure to East Africa.

Your Room

Designed by renowned safari architect Silvio Rech, all 30 of the rooms across the two camps are beautifully elegant and give an undeniable air of sophistication. The 11-metre floor to ceiling glass fronting of the tents provides you with a window onto the world and breath-taking views of sunrises over the savannah whilst the spacious wooden decks with splashes of Maasai red, cement Angama as an emerald in this luscious savannah.

Why we like it

If you’ve already done one safari and think there is no need to go again. Think again. Nowhere else in the world can you experience unparalleled views of Africa’s Big Five, wake before dawn and float effortlessly above the Mara in a hot air balloon or indulge in a ‘rocking chair safari’ on your private deck looking out onto views of freedom, greatness and unrivalled nobility.