Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Cyprus

We apologise but we are currently unable to offer trips to Cyprus. We are proud to design high quality, bespoke travel to countries on every continent of the globe, showcasing the best hotels and the most unique experiences to our valued clients. It is due to these high standards that we are sadly not able to offer travel to this destination at present. We would however be happy to help with an enquiry to any other destination we do specialise in, so please do get in touch and we can discuss alternative options.

What to see and do in Cyprus


Despite the violent division of this memorable Mediterranean island in 1974 – cleaved between the Greek South and Turkish North – life in Cyprus has, for the most part, continued as before. Across this small yet vibrant island, rolling green-brown hills, dotted with lemon trees and Roman ruins, fall toward crinkling, sharp-blue seas. Paphos, lapped by waves, is home to a spread of luxury hotels and apartments that gaze out toward the lovely Levant, while its interior bristles with tranquil villages and olive-shaded tavernas. If you’re conjuring images of charcoal-grilled halloumi, speckled with mint; yellow-gold white wine; and fatty souvla, then you’re on track.


Cyprus is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess of Love. The eponymously named Aphrodite Baths – natural pools blessed by the Goddess herself, is a natural grotto shaded by fig trees and botanical gardens. Further on, is the 12th century Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, a glorious Byzantine property dedicated to Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate, or the nearby winery of Panagia Village. As English writer Lawrence Durrell, who lived for many years on the island, put it: Cyprus is a place “where different destinies can meet and intersect in the full isolation of time.” A lot can happen between the Mezedes and the rolling mountains.


The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is split in half by a tumble-down yet heavily policed wall. These days, traffic between the North and South is more frequent, and the animosites less pronounced. This is a thankful thing, as the city is a hidden delight and bed of quiet luxury. A flurry of recent regeneration has gifted the city new malls, a huge modern art gallery, and all of the diverse eateries that normally follow such things. Don’t forget to climb the modernist massif of Shacolas Tower for views across the Green Line that splits the city.


The island’s Western coast – its rolling hills, lemon-thick and bright – give way, eventually, to a shining and brilliant coast. It’s here that the island really comes into its own. On the Akamas Marine Reserve, there are bountiful opportunities to dive, sail and windsurf in the azure Aegean, with private jeep tours lunging into the intrepid Cypriot countryside. Between the sultry villages and tantalizing tavernas are luxury spas and relaxing steam baths.

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