Barnaby Findlay

Greece Travel Expert
Honey-dripping loukoumades, fruit-laden lemon trees, the crumbling walls of the Akropolis, and the blue-domed roofs of Santorini. Greece still has the best of civilization, whether you want to hop the islands or scale its mountains. For a real dose of glamour, we love the 100-year-old Poseidonian hotel on the exclusive islet of Spetses. Sip a frappe and play a slow game of backgammon at the charming port of Dapia.

Barnaby Findlay

Greece Travel Expert

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Greece Highlights

Historic wisdom, unbelievable architecture, divine islands, azure seas, speckled white hills, charming fishing villages, traditional markets, seaside cafes and taverns, long dinners, carafes of wines, buzzing nightlife…Greece still showcases the best of civilisation.
Mykonos white buildings, Greece


Explore the home of the gods and delve deep into the mythology that underpins this Mediterranean paradise’s welcoming cities, white-stone ruins, and secluded isles. Fall in love with Greece whether you’re café-hopping in Athens, enjoying the stunning sunsets of Insta-perfect Santorini, or seeking romantic seclusion on Paros island.


Considered the spiritual home of democracy, Athens’ history means this modern-day metropolis has inherited a highlight reel of celebrated architecture and ruins. Journey between the Acropolis, Parthenon, and Temple of Zeus and grow engaged by the fascinating, mythical tales that lace the city’s colossal history – told to you by a hand-picked local historian. Stop to enjoy delicious, traditional souvlaki and gyros then wander towards boutique shops and local taverns before heading back to an evening of luxury atop your hotel’s private rooftop.

Mykonos Grand view


Mykonos is an island destination that never fails to remind us of what we love about Greek culture. It’s an irresistible combination of al-fresco tavernas, atmospheric beach clubs, and bright blue waters. A care-free, bohemian vibe has penetrated the island’s luxury scene, where resorts and hotels have placed Mykonos as the reigning destination for experiencing Greece in style and sophistication.

Naoussa Port, Paros


Straight out of an Aegean fairytale, this remote isle offers intriguing history, enchanting beaches, and awe-inspiring landscapes, complemented by the scent of native jasmine and bougainvillea. Whether you explore the maze of intricate side streets of Parikia, the whitewashed, marble town of Lefkes, or charming marinas of Naoussa, we’ll ensure there’s room to sit with the locals and enjoy fresh, local dishes. Next, visit one of the remarkable golden beaches dotted along the island’s coast, from Santa Maria to Kalogeros, and try your hand at kitesurfing in the pristine bay.


A volcanic island located within the astonishing Aegean Sea, Santorini offers romance, rustic charm, and dramatic scenery, making it a must-visit when planning your Greek experience. Seek serenity within the vast, hidden stretches of exclusive beachfront, often only accessible by boat, or venture out in search of archaeology at the 5,000-year-old Minoan site of Akrotiri. As the evening draws in, wander up the sloping cobbled streets toward the castle ruins, where, you’ll lay eyes on the most marvelous sunset over the blue-domed churches and whitewashed houses.


Part of our attraction to Greece comes from the idea that some islands – and by some, we mean many of the 6,000 islands that Greece is comprised of – are still free of crowds and untainted by mass tourism. Islands like Folegandros and Sifnos feel like a couple of our best-kept secrets, but you don’t want to miss out on these smaller, authentic islands, known for their ancient villages, freshly-caught seafood, and rustic boutique hotels.


Buried in culture, the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Parthenon, and Erechtheum are goldmines of history. Join a local archaeologist and explore the ancient ruins, immersing yourself in the magnificence of the structures. You’ll also be guided through the old town towards Lycabettus Hill where you can spend as long as you need looking at the modern city landscape and the ruined remains of the ancient civilization.

Sifnos food


Discover the art of traditional Sifnos gastronomy and become a culinary genius with the guidance of Elies Resort’s master chefs. Create your own version of the local lamb mastelo dish and master the art of clay cooking, learning how each ingredient offers something different to the dish and your palate. This is a cooking class you’ll never forget: a Mediterranean education you can serve up at dinner parties for decades.

Santorini sunset

Tour Santorini by helicopter

Care to make a glamorous entrance on Santorini? Embark on a private helicopter ride from Mykonos across the sapphire water to sunny Santorini. Circling over the impressive white and blue landscape, you’ll catch the sun rising over the sloping mountains before admiring the feast of colour that spills over the iconic architecture below.

Greece Highlights

Historic wisdom, unbelievable architecture, divine islands, azure seas, speckled white hills, charming fishing villages, traditional markets, seaside cafes and taverns, long dinners, carafes of wines, buzzing nightlife…Greece still showcases the best of civilisation.


It should come as no surprise that a country 4,000 years in the making has perfected the art of luxury hotels and resorts. As if Zeus and Aphrodite conspired with the heavens, the luxury resorts both beachside and mid-city offer guests unrivaled hospitality, award-winning spas and restaurants, and views over the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.


An optical illusion that never ceases to excite us, there’s something dazzling about the blend of cool pool waters kissing the baby blue waters below and the cloudless sky above. At the likes of Danai Beach Resort in Halkidiki and the Grace property in Santorini, many villas showcase private infinity pools for guests to enjoy in total seclusion. At the Mykonos Grand, the main infinity pool molded into Cycladic Architecture peers out onto distant Greek islands and makes for the dreamiest spot for a sunset dip and sip.


Ageless and mystifying, the city of Athens is a busy metropolis brimming with local food markets, lively rooftop gardens, and vivacious cafes. Rest your head at one of the city’s modern boutique hotels, where private balconies and panoramic restaurants sit directly in the shadows of the jaw-dropping Acropolis. Watch the Greek capital come alive every morning and evening from the comfort of your penthouse terrace while the Parthenon towers in your backyard.

  • Population Population 11,100,000
  • Capital Capital Athens
  • Language Language Greek
  • Currency Currency Euro
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT+2 | ET+7
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip

    Head to the village the village of Pygros, Santorini over the Easter festiviites, where the villagers light up the entire village with candles. It's the most spectacular sight

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