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Why should you travel on holiday to Greece with us?

It took Odysseus ten years to cross the islands of the Aegean. But he made it.

There is a small, twisted olive tree in the grounds of the Temple of Poseidon. Here, on this exact spot of the cliffs of Sounion, you can watch the setting sun like nowhere else on earth: burnt orange, the sea singing with myth. Since 2005, we’ve returned to Greece time and time again; getting to know each and every lump and rivet in places such as this. We want you to feel the same excitement that made travellers of the 18th century (people like Lord Byron) yearn for this country; its poetry, its landscapes, its food, its warmth – regardless of whether you want to sail by boat amongst the Cyclades or wine and dine on the island of Spetses. This is your luxury holiday, after all.

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What to see and do in Greece

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Explore the home of the gods and delve deep into the mythology that underpins this Mediterranean paradise’s welcoming cities, white-stone ruins, and secluded isles. Fall in love with Greece whether you’re café-hopping in Athens, enjoying the stunning sunsets of Insta-perfect Santorini, or seeking seclusion away from the tourists on Paros island.


Care to make a glamorous entrance on Santorini? Embark on a private helicopter transfer from Mykonos across the sapphire water to sunny Santorini. Circling over the impressive white and blue landscape, you’ll catch the sun rising over the sloping mountains before admiring the feast of colour that spills over the iconic architecture below.


Mykonos is an island destination that never fails to remind us of what we love about Greek culture. It’s an irresistible combination of al-fresco tavernas, atmospheric beach clubs, and bright blue waters. A care-free, bohemian vibe has penetrated the island’s luxury scene, placing Mykonos as the reigning destination for experiencing Greece in style and sophistication on your VIP holiday.


Straight out of an Aegean fairytale, this remote isle offers intriguing history, enchanting beaches, and awe-inspiring landscapes, complemented by the scent of native jasmine and bougainvillea. Whether you explore the maze of intricate side streets of Parikia, the whitewashed, marble town of Lefkes, or charming marinas of Naoussa, we’ll make sure there’s room to sit with the locals and enjoy fresh, local dishes. Next, visit one of the remarkable golden beaches dotted along the island’s coast, from Santa Maria to Kalogeros, and try your hand at kitesurfing in the pristine bay.


Part of our attraction to Greece comes from the idea that some islands – and by some, we mean many of the 6,000 islands that Greece is comprised of – are still free of crowds and untainted by mass tourism. Of course, the traditional Greek holiday destinations are favourites for a reason: Crete, Corfu and Rhodes offer sun-drenched family fun, but islands like Folegandros and Sifnos feel like a couple of our best-kept secrets. You don’t want to miss out on these smaller, authentic islands, known for their ancient villages, freshly-caught seafood, and rustic boutique hotels. Want to charter a yacht to see them all? Just ask.


Buried in culture, the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Parthenon, and Erechtheum are goldmines of history. Join a local archaeologist and explore the ancient ruins, immersing yourself in the magnificence of the structures on a private tour. You’ll also be guided through the old town towards Lycabettus Hill where you can spend as long as you need looking at the modern city landscape and the ruined remains of the ancient civilization.


Discover the art of traditional Sifnos gastronomy and become a culinary genius with the guidance of Elies Resort’s master chefs. Create your own version of the local lamb mastelo dish and master the art of clay cooking, learning how each ingredient offers something different to the dish and your palate. This is a cooking class you’ll never forget: a Mediterranean education you can serve up at dinner parties for decades.

Luxury Travel in Greece

On your luxury bespoke trip to Greece, you’ll be shown around by some of the warmest and most knowledgeable guides this mesmerising country has to offer. Whether that’s uncovering the historic secrets of the mighty Acropolis with an expert archaeologist or learning the art of Sifnian cuisine with a local chef in their own home. If you wish, we’ll even arrange for private helicopter transfers between the dazzling array of Greek islands before you embark on your very own odyssey; gliding over tranquil waters in search of tucked-away bays on a luxury yacht. Between relaxing in your own ‘cave pool’ in Santorini and admiring the Parthenon from the balcony of your suite in an Athenian neoclassical mansion, you’ll enjoy gourmet picnics, private wine tastings, and world-class spa treatments.

The best of Greece


All eyes look to the Acropolis in this busy, big and increasingly on-trend city.

Athens is not a place of wide boulevards and shining towers. Its labyrinthine streets, tree-covered squares and scrappy Grecian ruins make it a minor playground for adventurous restaurants and hotels. You can check out some of the world’s most iconic archaeological sites and then lose yourself in a succession of effortlessly cool bars on an Athens city break.


Sail into the heart of a drowned volcano.

A stagger of blue-white houses plummets into the ocean, in this otherworldly holiday destination. Santorini is not so much an island as the crest of a water-sunk volcano – its explosive days long in the past. Sensual, glamorous, and easygoing; the island – between its twin villages of Fira and Oia – possesses some truly magnificent wineries and restaurants.


No cars go.

Spetses – pretty, popular, old-timey – doesn’t care for the motor car. It doesn’t care much for roads. Its singular settlement is surrounded by beautiful little coves, pine forests, and – despite its smallness – some of the region’s best restaurants and swimming spots. Glamorous to its core, we’ll put you up at the elegant Poseidonion – founded over 100 years ago, set amongst the mansions which made this island’s name.

Kalesma, Mykonos

Elegant simplicity, thoughtful service and authentic luxury. Kalesma is a tribute to both traditional Mykonian spirit and modern refinement. Tucked away on a peaceful hillside…
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Andronis Luxury Suites, Santorini

Nestled in Santorini’s north-western coastline, Andronis Luxury Suites promise a relaxing holiday in an idyllic setting. The traditional white-washed, Aegean architecture of the 22 suites…
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Parilio, Paros

Glimpsed through a haze of morning light, against the arid landscapes of the Greek idyll of Paros, Parilio softly comes into focus. Grand columns connect…
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