Luxury Botswana Safari Holidays

Why should you book a tailor made Botswana safari with us?

You don’t forget how the sun sets, sinking – orange, and on fire – into the salt-rimmed veldt, catching the branches of ghostly baobab trees.

The stark beauty of Botswana – its landscapes, wildlife and deserts – make it one of the world’s best destinations to experience a safari. Vast, wild, and – for miles around – empty, it offers some of the best locations in which to experience a safari without crowds, intrusions or reminders of urbanity. Since 2005, we’ve been sending countless travellers to experience amazing encounters in the lush Okavango Delta, in its fossil river valleys, alongside black-maned lions and visiting the indigenous San people. There are few places more beautiful on earth. Come with us and we’ll ensure your luxury Botswana safari itinerary features the best wildlife tours, game drives and exclusive lodges – to make you feel at one with the intensity of the landscapes around.

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What to see and do in Botswana

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


The country that’s home to the most elephants in the world, Botswana is one of Africa’s best travel destinations. It’s a country that’s all about the outdoors, the bountiful wildlife, and connecting with local people. With roaring lions as your adventure soundtrack, Botswana knows a thing or two about a luxury safari, which is why this country should be at the top of your Africa bucket list.


In the far northeastern corner of Botswana sits Chobe, the country’s first National Park. The holy grail of wildlife, it’s divided into three different areas: river, marshes, and the Savuti. In addition to the insane spectacle, Chobe is also dotted with some of our favourite luxury lodges in all of Africa. It’s here you can have the quintessential safari experience full of game drives and star gazing.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Okavango Delta is an extraordinary spectacle and a truly surreal ecosystem. The Okavango wetland consists of thousands of lily-covered waterways, 164 different mammals, 157 reptiles, and 540 species of birds. From zebras to leopards, buffalos to rhinos, a holiday to Botswana is incomplete without spending time in the delta.


Nothing says cultural immersion like spending time getting to know the indigenous hunter-gatherers of Botswana: The San people. The bushmen of Botswana can be found in their native land, the Kalahari Desert, and meeting them and participating in their traditions is the most engaging way to understand their lifestyle. A tailor-made safari holiday with Black Tomato will introduce you to this fascinating culture in the most intimate way.

Luxury travel in Botswana

Whether it’s spotting elephants wandering by from the comfort of your own luxury tented suite or exploring on a private game drive, we’ll tailor your luxury safari in Botswana entirely to you and your loved ones. With on-site wellness spas, meditation pavilions, and champagne breakfasts at the most luxurious tented camps in Botswana, you’ll have the perfect base from which to explore. Between dashing across the remote corners of the Makgadikgadi Pans by quadbike and being punted along in your own glass-bottomed mokoro canoe in the Okavango Delta, we’ll arrange for you to take to the skies for a fresh perspective. Whether that’s a hot air balloon journey at sunrise or a helicopter ride at sunset.

The best of Botswana

Chobe National Park

Enter the kingdom of the elephants.

Dating back to the 1930s, the Chobe National Park is rightly famed for hosting some of the largest herds of elephant in the world. Add to that 440 bird species and roan and oribi antelope, and you’re looking at a natural wonderland. From its riverfront to the Linyanti marshes, this is an exceptional place in which to join one of our expert guides as you tread the kingdom of the elephant.

Okavango Delta

Welcome to the world’s greatest drama – amongst the waters of this otherworldly place.

Regarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta is the setting for endless and primal scenes. The barking, roars and whooping of lion, leopard and hyena. The parades of animals and the flights of birds. Its waterways, islets, islands and swaying grass make it an incredible place to traverse by boat, paddling – hesitantly – in search of nature’s finest.

The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Sprawling across 10,000 square miles, this is one of the largest and most surreal environments on earth.

Vast, desolate and otherworldly, Lake Makgadikgadi – which no longer exists, of course – was, before the last Ice Age, an incredibly luscious place. Having salinated and dried up, what we’re left with is one of the most surreal places on earth  – but also one of the prime flamingo breeding spots in the whole of southern Africa. We can arrange for expert safari guides to introduce you to its unique environment, and to get you close – during breeding season – to these immense pink flocks.

Jack's Camp, Makgadikgadi Pans

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Tuludi, Okavango Delta

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Xigera Safari Lodge, Okavango Delta

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