Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in the Czech Republic

Why should you travel to the Czech Republic with us?

An enchanting land that will transport you back half a millennia; the Czech Republic will open the eyes of even the most culturally curious. Cities unmissable in their juxtaposition of Gothic splendour with urban buzz, countrysides where turrets appear over every hillside, folk culture thrives and microbreweries churn out world-class ales; a luxury holiday in the Czech Republic brings true European classicism.

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What to see and do in Czech Republic


Gregor Samsa turned into a bedbug in Prague. David Cerny floated a giant pink hand down the Vltava. It also boasts the largest, and arguably the most beautiful castle in the world. The Czech Republic is a fairytale dreamland whose exemplary culture, taste for the surreal, and – let’s be honest – world-leading beer bring it back to reality. It is, by far, one of our favourite low-key destinations in the world, whether you’re searching for luxury holidays in wild Bohemia or surprising nights in its scintillating cities.


Prague Castle – bristling in all its rococo glory atop Petrin hill – dominates the skyline above this historic city. It is a romantic and rambling experience to climb among its ornament-thick nooks and sky-scraping buttresses on a private walking tour, before chowing down on well-earned dumplings and ice-cold pilsner.


Even though Czech author Milan Kundera said that happiness is the desire for repetition, our private tours of the City of a Hundred Spires will lead you into the knots of the unknown Prague; from the Cubist House of the Black Madonna to the Museum of Communism, we’ll whet your appetite for the city’s finest art and hidden cultural treasures.


Prague’s Royal Route affords one of the best ways in which to soak up the charming and often opulent grandeur of old Prague, tracing the coronation route of Czech Kings to the luxury surrounds of the St. Vitus Cathedral, or the lesser-visited Town Quarter, which leads to the Instagram-famous John Lennon Wall.

The best of Czech Republic

Mandarin Oriental, Prague

In a city as storied as Prague, it is only fitting to stay in a hotel of equal cultural standing. Housed in a former 14th-century…
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