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Because travel means the world

At Black Tomato, we know you’re seeking travel experiences that will leave a lasting, positive impact on our planet and the communities who call it home. This is a belief we also share, and it has been since our founding in 2005.

Together, we embrace our responsibility toward people and planet, and are serious about working toward a better world. For all.

People and planet

What does “regenerative travel” mean to us?

When we talk about regenerative travel, we’re talking about creating a lasting, positive impact for local communities and the environments they depend on – and the places they call home.

It’s about working with community projects, conservation programs and sustainability initiatives around the world. It’s also about working with locals (from guides to chefs and everything in between) who produce remarkable experiences for you to enjoy that bring much-needed income and support into their community. Ultimately, it’s about people and planet.

Regenerative Travel

Giving back in Morocco

Lending a helping hand in the Atlas Mountains

Morocco has always held a special place in our hearts. In the wake of the devastating earthquake in 2023, we wanted to support the people and communities that have been remarkable partners – and close friends – for years. That’s why we travelled to the effected region; lending our support to Afoulki pour les Femmes, a women-led association undertaking vital relief and education efforts in the mountains.

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Taking a holistic approach

Driving positive outcomes for communities

We believe that the planet we share should be livable, equitable and sustainable, and that travel can play a positive role in bringing this about.

It’s why we take a holistic approach to regenerative travel. This means that, around the world, we work with partners who share our attitude, and support local communities to minimize the impacts of tourism. This includes:

  • Working with partners who focus on employing and training locals – from hotel staff to guides
  • Sourcing local, grassroots experiences, including sustainable farms, reforestation projects, and wildlife conservation
  • Offering opportunities for our clients to contribute to local economies, ateliers and artisans
  • Curating dining experiences where local ingredients, recipes and produce are put front and center
  • Learning about indigenous lifeways and intangible cultural practices from the people who live them

The world we share

Driving positive outcomes for the environment

Acknowledging our responsibility toward climate change and its impact on the destinations we operate in, we’re taking proactive steps across our business. Including:

  • Purchasing carbon offsets for our corporate operations – including staff flights
  • Contributing to reforestation initiatives in Australia in the wake of 2020’s bushfires
  • Since 2023, we’ve been supporting the Solar Lighting Project in Zambia, providing solar lamps to households living without electricity
  • Working with partners who implement planet-friendly policies in the destinations where they operate, including plastic waste reduction, minimizing carbon emissions, providing ethical wildlife experiences and the sourcing of local ingredients, supplies and resources

Stories of regeneration

Get Involved

How you can help

And how to get involved

We don’t see regenerative travel as an isolated “extracurricular” added on to your trip, but as an essential ingredient in your Black Tomato experience. Accordingly, we’ve curated countless ways for you to give back – from the hotels where you stay and the meals you eat to the things you get up to. For example:

  • Spending time with inspiring, community-focused missions, like Nairobi’s Empowering Mothers project
  • Planting coral in the Panama’s Portobelo Bay and the coastlines of Costa Rica
  • Visiting artisans and communities who’re keeping historic traditions and intangible cultural practices alive, including sake breweries in Japan and the Sámi in Sweden
  • Exploring regenerative farms and agricultural initiatives in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
  • Spending time at an elephant orphanage and sanctuary in Botswana

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