Moments make us.
But what makes a moment? 

It is the coming together of specific people at a specific place at a specific time. More than intangible, it has substance – and weight. ‘This means something’. ‘We did this, together’. ‘We’ll remember this’.

And we’ve bottled the magic, creating a series of unforgettable experiences that’ll bring you and a group of your loved ones together, anchored around a carefully curated moment in time.

You need only bring yourselves – your people, your histories. We’ll provide the moment itself. The anticipation, the togetherness, the memory. This is something to savour. This is something to remember.

The Making of

Bringing you and yours together.
Like never before

Quick coffees and fleeting catchups. Rainchecks and missed connections. In the ebb and flow of daily life, it can be hard to get the gang together; your oldest confidantes, your ride-or-dies. Family. Friends.

And it can be even harder to arrange the logistics, to plot the routes and specifics. You can never quite find the time – or the perfect idea. And when it comes to planning, it can feel like doing a jigsaw in a windstorm. Until now.

With See You in the Moment, we’ve made it exhilaratingly easy to bring you and yours together. The ideas, the planning, the execution? Leave that to us. Yours is the moment. Nothing else matters.

Who we are

A bit about us

Black Tomato isn’t your ‘regular’ travel company. Over the years, we’ve built an award-winning reputation as curators of immersive, tailor-made travel experiences. Founded in 2005 by Tom, James, and Matt – three friends and travel companions – we’ve always felt that what matters most is not ‘simply’ the destination, but how you want to feel when you get there. Feelings come first.

And we’ve spent years fine-tuning our approach to group travel. See You in the Moment is the pinnacle of all this thinking. It’s about helping you and your travel companions – be they friends or family (or both) – to savour the world, together. Meaningfully, seamlessly, unforgettably.