Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Borneo

Nowhere epitomises natural luxury quite like Borneo. For up-close encounters with fascinating species, the splendid isolation of jungle lodges and the feel-good factor of conservation, a luxury holiday in Borneo is packed full of wonder. An island of raw and untamed beauty, it’s best experienced off the beaten track, meeting local tribes and gaining a sense of freedom as you put the map away and just let go.

What to see and do in Borneo


Yes, our orange-coloured friends – orangutans – are high on any Borneo-destined travellers checklist, but there’s also an entire world of tribal cultures, deep jungles, and an enviable life aquatic to keep you blissed out during your luxury holiday to this flourishing corner of the world.


Before you go all Jungle Book, it’s worth kicking off your private tour of Borneo in the vibrant Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur – dipping your toes (literally) in fish foot spas, noodling around in China Town, and strolling the Lake Gardens. Then comes your heady approach into Borneo’s verdant rainforests, where fireflies light your evenings and orangutans cosy down among the foliage. You can even let us get you lost, should you want to activate your inner explorer.


Rainforest lodges will be your bed (with pillows rather than leaves, unless you want that), or else the luxurious compounds and resorts of Kuala Lumpur, where five star comfort and convenience sits side by side with mouth-watering food markets and rich culture. In Borneo proper, get adjusted to the jungle life with your own tree-house villa; suspended high above footfall and foliage.


Nothing says luxury honeymoon like immersing yourself into the heart of the jungle, with your base being the luxurious lodge of Abai. River cruising will be followed by private picnics, hiking trails, and firefly-lit nights. Make a contribution together by planting a tree in the surrounds of Pitas Lake, as part of a village-run eco-tourism project. Frame your love with craggy mountains, rich jungle, and warm, blue seas.

The best of Borneo

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Bungaraya Island Resort, Borneo

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