For those who want to get their heart rate racing and their blood pumping, we bring you our adventure holidays. Hiking across mountain ridgelines, scrambling across glaciers and kayaking down mighty rivers; that’s the norm here. Expertly crafted by our team of adventurers, these trips are designed to truly immerse you in a country, as you discover vast wildernesses, untouched regions and ancient cultures.

Our Adventurous Experiences

Holidays in the Congo

A bespoke wildlife adventure in the jungles of the Congo

A world away from your average African safari, trek and kayak your way through Congo's Odzala-Kokua National Park to track endangered Western Lowland Gorillas and wade through the Lango bais in search of Forest Elephants and Buffalo.


An Epic Ski Adventure Across Svalbard

In an adventure like no other, spend six-nights with our Arctic experts, cross-country skiing between mighty glaciers and vast peaks, making camp each night beneath the blaze of the Midnight Sun. Learn how to survive in this harsh environment, from how to pitch a tent in a snowstorm to watching for polar bears at night.


An Alaskan Grand Adventure

Everything in Alaska is done on a grander scale - no more so than its adventure, as you'll soon discover as you heli-hike through Boreal forests, scramble across glaciers, mush traditional dog sleds and soar above snow-capped peaks.


An intrepid hiking and biking adventure through Chile

Chile is nature at its most rugged, and beautiful, and nothing quite compares to the magnificence of Torres Del Paine after cycling through the Chilean Lake District, hiking through Patagonia and strolling the immaculate shores of Laguna Azul.

British Columbia

Get back to nature in British Columbia's wilderness

Splitting your time between cosmopolitan Vancouver and tranquil Nimmo Bay, discover hip Vancouver neighbourhoods, dramatic landscapes and grizzly bear filled forests as you escape the city and head into the wilderness to fall in love with the great outdoors.

biking new zeland

A heli-bike adventure through New Zealand's Southern Alps

Brace yourself for the heli-biking adventure of a lifetime, where you’ll be taken to isolated peaks for some downhill adrenaline pumping fun. Starting in Queenstown with a range of hair-raising escapades from the world’s highest bungee jump to river rafting, head downhill at Lake Wanaka before finishing up in an isolated cabin.


Uncover the mesmerising secrets of Ladakh

The Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh is one of the few places on Earth which is still virtually untouched and unexplored. Enjoy the calm serenity of fresh mountain air, incredible views and rich Buddhist heritage on a voyage of discovery through this majestic land.

Trek South Africa's Wild Coast

A week hiking in South Africa is the ideal antidote to cure any city-related stress. From gorgeous empty beaches and fabulous freshwater pools to cascading waterfalls and captivating cliff faces, the Wild Coast is an area of unparalleled natural beauty.

Monument Valley at sunset

The ultimate wild west road trip

Embark on the drive of a lifetime through the heart of Western USA, cruising through the bright lights of Las Vegas, the deserts of Southern Utah, the waters of Lake Powells, the Navajo territory of Monument Valley, the ruggedness of the Colorado Rockies and the wilderness of Wyoming.


A Hebridean Hiking Adventure in Scotland

Up in the Highlands and out to the Hebrides, spend ten-nights hiking hidden routes, speeding across choppy waters and revelling in the splendid isolation of this raw and untouched corner of Scotland. Far from the tourist trail on private zodiac rides and behind closed doors for exclusive whisky tastings; uncover Scotland's wild side.

Holidays in Ethopia

A unique cultural adventure in Ethiopia

Get under Ethiopia's skin, floating over the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lalibela by hot-air balloon, haggling your way through bustling markets in Addis Ababa and trekking through the wild Simien Mountains and untouched Bale National Park in the south. Feeling brave? Take it up a notch in the Omo Valley and Danakil Depression.

Mountain treks and tribal encounters in Papua New Guinea

If you’re craving a challenging adventure from your next travel experience, the chance to venture into the unknown and to truly get yourself off the grid, Papua New Guinea is sure to quench your thirst. Discover uncharted territory, push yourself with daring cave descents and harness your hunter-gatherer skills.

Take it up a notch

Part of the Black Tomato group, our adventure travel company Epic Tomato offers incredible expedition led adventures to a range of exciting and unique destinations. With carefully constructed itineraries to unique and hand-picked destinations around the world, Epic Tomato trips span polar regions, jungles, deserts, mountains and more. These are all led by our team of Epic Tomato experts, whose job it is to safely transport you across some of the world’s most geographically extreme destinations.

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