Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in St Lucia

Why should you travel to St Lucia with us?

Twin peaks connected by unique flavours and immersive adventures.

Beyond the postcard-fronting peaks of the Pitons, an island brimming with culture reveals itself. Here, we invite you take a step back from the beach and follow us into the heart of St Lucia. A place where we’ll introduce you to the island’s hottest young talents, from organic chefs to passionate naturalists, in secluded settings that range from hidden plantations to secret medicinal gardens. At the end of the day, we’ll still have that private yacht on hand to see you off into the sunset, should you so wish.

Example St Lucia trips

These are simply suggestions for the kind of holiday you might have. Yours will be tailored, altered, and refined until it matches you completely.

What to see and do in St Lucia

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


Think tropical Twin Peaks. Think banana plantations (quite different from damn fine cherry pie, no?). St Lucia is a gorgeous island paradise offering spectacular views across the wide, wild Atlantic. Across more than 200 square miles, the island – mixing Catholicism, Rastafarianism, voodoo and sunshine – St Lucia surprises and reveals itself to be far more than ‘pretty beaches and warm water.’ The culture runs deep here, from sugar beach to sulphur springs.


From stately colonial residences to low-fi, low-key beach bungalows, St Lucia has its hand firmly on the luxury hotel market. Whether you choose the architecturally-innovative Jade Mountain or the broad, white-washed colonnades of Sugar Beach hotel, comfort and world-class luxury await.


A place to bring your appetite, join some of the island’s most talented chefs as you experience farm to plate cuisine the St Lucian way with fragrant vegetable soups and crisp homemade dumplings. For added freshness, we’ll even arrange for you to be on the fishing boat or in the market that morning.


Love flourishes in a warm climate. Naturally, St Lucia is an easy choice for those who seek a relaxed, indulgent, and culturally enriching luxury honeymoon – far from the madding crowd, but not separated from the lives of the people who call this island of towering twin peaks ‘home.’


Venture beyond the beaches with a private tour of St Lucia, drinking up the sights at plunging waterfalls, the craggy sights of Sulphur Springs, and pretty colonial towns. A deep, rich, inviting jungle simmers and buzzes on the sharp mountainsides and rolling hills. It’s an invitation to explore further. Make sure to sweeten thing sup on Sugar Beach, too.

The best of St Lucia

Anse La Raye

St Lucia’s sleepy fishing village.

Nature lovers will rejoice on setting foot in Anse La Raye. But before you even do that, the tone is set by the secluded curve of sea-accessed Anse Cochon where you’ll experience some of the island’s best snorkelling. Venturing further into the dense rainforest, volcanic peaks, steaming mud baths and hikes beneath the wings of endemic birdlife reveal themselves in a flurry of colour. In the company of expert naturalist guides, the magic of this lesser-visited corner of the island is brought to life.


Ringed with volcanic springs and cocoa plantations.

The beating heart of St Lucia’s culinary scene, every Saturday morning there is an atmosphere of anticipation to Soufriere. It culminates at the market. A gathering place for talented young chefs, seasoned fishermen and plantation farmers, here you’ll find everything you need for an authentic St Lucian experience – both in terms of culture and cuisine. The colours are vibrant, the sounds enrapturing and the experience indelible.


Bright markets in the capital city.

St Lucia’s capital and the gateway to its waters, Castries promises days soaked in sunshine. Whether exploring overland by 4×4 or overwater by private yacht, allow yourself to open your eyes onto the might of St Lucia’s scenery. Accompanied in each direction by expert guides, we’ll unlock one of our favourite corners of the island as we arrange private dining in a tropical garden that only a very few have keys to.

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Jade Mountain, Soufrière

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