St Lucia

Jade Mountain, Soufrière


Dec - April



How long

7 nights ideal length

An architectural pet-project of owner and architect Nick Troubetzkoy, Jade Mountain is a structural marvel that could only come from a man truly passionate about his craft and dedicated to creating harmony with nature. The properties swirling labyrinths of stone walkways lead to astonishingly spacious sanctuaries with soaring ceilings, open walls and private infinity pools. This is the type of unique luxury that Black Tomato is simply eager to introduce you to.


Jade Mountain sits on a private 600-acre estate covered in lush tropical forest with two private beaches completely surrounded by pristine coral reef. Its location on southern St Lucia grants immediate access to rainforest, volcanoes and sulphur springs. But more importantly, we may have possibly stumbled upon the greatest view in the world here. Sitting across the bay from the Pitons World Heritage site, Jade Mountain is granted a view of the two volcanic plugs that jet straight out of the blue water; two towering peaks pointing dramatically towards the clear blue sky.


What better way to take advantage of the greatest view in the world than with a private hilltop suite where one wall is completely open to a panoramic view of the serene bay and the lush landscapes, highlighted by the Piton’s jagged twin peaks. Your 1,500+sq ft room, or sanctuary, as the hotel has labelled them, houses a 650 sq ft private infinity pool that magically hovers above the majestic view. A private stone walkway leads to your mountain sanctuary and your room’s location, perched on the side of a mountain, guarantees your complete seclusion and absolute privacy even with a completely open fourth wall.


The views are what set Jade Mountain apart from the rest, and as difficult as it will be to pull yourself away from the comfort of your island sanctuary, don’t forget to venture up to the hotel’s celestial terrace just before sunset. Perched at the top of the property, you are granted a 360-degree view of ocean, beach, rainforest and mountains all to the backdrop of the pink-tinged sky brought on by the setting sun.

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