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Find yourself, by yourself. Anywhere in the world.

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. To strike out on your own and forge your own path. And there’s no better way to do it than through luxury solo travel. When you step out of your comfort zone, you can discover new ways of thinking and living. Discovering unfamiliar cultures and distant lands at your own pace and on your terms.

However, the luxury solo trips you can browse below are far from lonely or awkward. No, these are spellbinding, highly-curated journeys designed specifically with the luxury solo traveller in mind. Unconstrained, joyous, and free. We’ve worked closely with our travel experts and local contacts to refine experiences that perfectly match the needs and desires of those embarking on solo travel. They’re not ‘normal’ trips for one. They are not part of a group tour (we do not offer group tours). Instead, they’ve been designed from a singular point of view. Yours.

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Frequently asked questions about luxury solo travel

What are the benefits of travelling alone?

You’ll travel on your own terms – and at your own place. There’s time for silent reflection and time to test your mettle. Take a slow boat through the waters of Halong Bay, propped up with a book. Ride a horse along the black beaches of southern Iceland. Take in the frescoes and ruins of Akrotiri, blinking in the sun, putting your bag down to sip a beer in a taverna, alone. You can write your notes. You can call the shots. You can truly immerse yourself in another world while calling all the shots. Often, it’s great to travel with a companion (or a few). But sometimes it’s important to take stock and to learn more about yourself. That’s what solo travel can do.

How should I pick where to travel solo?

The whole world is your oyster. It doesn’t have to be exotic and far flung. You could explore the eateries of Spanish Basque Country. Study the ruins of ancient Rome. And drink and eat your way through the bars of Buenos Aires. But you could also set off to learn about the plant life of the Peruvian uplands. Explore nature in the Galapagos Islands. Or wander amongst the monasteries of the Georgian mountains. Luxury solo travel is a great way to learn new skills and to practice those that have gathered dust. Wine-tasting. Cooking. Yoga. Writing. Everything’s up for grabs.

How much is one of your typical solo trips?

Our solo trips are completely tailor-made, and private (we do not offer group tours). As a result, the cost of a solo trip can vary hugely depending on location, duration and the type of experiences involved. From exploring a city to a far-flung adventure, the possibilities are vast. Due to the nature of our bespoke, luxury experiences, we would expect a minimum cost to be in the region of $8,000 (£7,000) for a week-long trip.

How can solo travellers stay safe?

When you come with us on a luxury solo trip, you’ll have access to our partners on the ground, local guides, and our 24/7 hour support line. There will always be somebody on hand to help and assist, including providing pre-travel safety briefs. Many solo travellers ultimately chose to travel with a guide (or several), so you don’t always have to be entirely on you own.

What factors are important when choosing a solo travel destination?

Some destinations seem better designed for twos or groups. The romance of the Maldives might offer less to a solo adventurer. Think about your objectives and needs. Do you want to go slow, or to take part in lots of high-octane activities (like surfing, sailing, and biking)? Do you want to get really, really far from it all? If so, then consider places that are naturally suited to longer journeys. You could take in the cities of western Europe. Or you could make your way through the jungles of Costa Rica.

What tips do you have for travelling solo?

Plenty. Think about the ways you might want to document your trip. A notebook, a pen, a camera. There’ll be plenty of time to record your thoughts, experiences, and environment. Talk to the locals. Spend time hanging around. Embrace the freedom of getting a bit lost. Ask for directions, ask for help. You can be entirely spontaneous, as well. This is often much harder when you’re part of a bigger group. Happily, we’re experts at planning trips with lots of cushion room and space to make spontaneous decisions and choices. And we’re only ever a call away if you want to change your wider plans mid-trip.

Do you offer group tours?

No. Our solo trips are exactly that – solo. After a detailed consultation with one of our Travel Experts, we will customise you a trip that is unique to you. We do not offer group tours.

Different trips for different travellers

We find there are usually two types of solo travellers. Those who want to immerse themselves in a culture and explore a country, and those who want to do the very opposite, and detach themselves from almost everything and explore the wilds of the world. With that in mind, we’ve broken these types of experience into two categories, below.

A – Z of destinations

Into the wilderness


Just you – and the great outdoors

Like Ernest Hemingway or Rebecca West before you, nothing is as enriching or rewarding than exploring the vast landscapes of our planetary wilderness. Cities and highways. Airports and shopping malls. These things are big and loud, but much of our world is quiet as the night – and demands to be explored.

For those in the know, there’s our ultimate ‘go it alone’ experience: Get Lost. We’ll lose you in the wilderness, and we’ll help you find your way home.

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Examples of our solo wilderness escapes

Solo journeys into the great outdoors.


Get Lost

The concept is simple. With Get Lost, we’ll drop you off in the middle of a beautiful ‘nowhere’, and then we’ll help you find your way back home. From the sands of Morocco to the Mongolian steppe. You’ll disconnect, re-engage, and push yourself. It’s a trial, a test of character. And it’s like no other travel service on earth.

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Revenge holiday travel in Morocco

Marrakech, Agafay & Essaouira: from the Medina to the coast

Dive into the souks of Marrakech’s medina, barter hard for a bargain and afterwards de-stress in a traditional hammam. Hike to an indigenous Berber village, camp in a chic tented camp and learn to kitesurf on the stiff Atlantic breeze. This is Morocco.

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Luxury holidays in Iceland

Iceland: from land to sea

A hand-selected sampling of the very best that Iceland has to offer fit perfectly into a week-long itinerary, this trip will give you the sense of pure fulfilment that comes from truly experiencing it all. Glacier, geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and waterfalls; it’s got it all.

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Where to go on holiday in January: Chile

Santiago, the lakes & Patagonia: an intrepid hiking and biking adventure

This 13-day hiking and biking adventure around enchanting Chile is the perfect opportunity to explore and discover the true beauty that lies within this South American jewel. There’s much more than meets the eye.

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Antelope Canyon, Utah

Utah: a luxury adventure in the American Southwest

For us, nowhere screams ‘adventure’ quite like the American Southwest. Crammed full of otherworldly landscapes, plunging canyons and star-filled skies. And we’ll spread it all out before your eyes.

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Paro, Bhutan

Bhutan & India: spiritual sights & Ayurveda

We’ve devised the perfect 11-night escape where you’ll join local monks for daily prayers in Bhutan before hopping across the border to get ahead of the crowds and visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise and find peace in the Himalayan foothills at the world-class wellness retreat.

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Cultural curiosities


Make new friends in unfamiliar places

The wilderness is wide and diverse, but so are the cultures and communities who occupy it. For those who want to experience culture and metropolitan marvels on their solo adventure, we can curate a trip that’ll bring you into the beating heart of some of the world’s most captivating places. With a huge network of local guides, experts and insiders, we’ll show you the world in a whole new light.

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Examples of our solo cultural getaways

Go it alone into the world’s most captivating communities.

Hakone in Japan

Tokyo, Hakone & Osaka: a luxury holiday around the flavours of Japan

This indulgent itinerary involves insightful tours by food professionals, authentic cooking classes, a touch of historical context, and all of the Japanese cuisine you could hope to consume in ten magical days.

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Luxury holidays in Jordan

Madaba, Feynan & Petra: a luxury holiday in the desert

These ancient landscapes simply live and breathes the story of time, so we’ve created an itinerary for the outdoor adventurers in our midst; an energetic and exciting way to get under the skin of this magical 35,637 square mile destination.

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Havana, Cuba

Highlights of Cuba: historic cities & cultural discoveries

Embark on an incredible 10-night adventure with Black Tomato through the fascinating country of Cuba, getting under the skin of the country by interacting with local movers and shakers and have the unique chance to visit places that few people get to see.

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Kazbegi in Georgia

Georgia & Armenia: a cultural getaway through the Caucasus

Our nine-night trip will transport you as far back as the fourth-century, weaving through hidden streets and up to hilltop monasteries with a historian, experiencing traditional cooking masterclass with local chefs and discovering the ancient winemaking techniques in Kakheti.

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Thailand holiday

Thailand and Laos: a peaceful escape

Immerse yourself in the spiritual and isolated side of South East Asia on this 15 night luxury holiday, where you’ll experience the cultures and landscapes of Thailand and Laos, from jungles and cities to islands and beaches.

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The Italian Dolomites

Emilia Romagna & The Langhe: a luxury hiking adventure from the best restaurant in Italy

Forever on the hunt for that new flavour of Italy, we’ve landed in the Langhe. The best way to see it? With long, languorous hikes over the hills, broken up by gourmet picnics and nights in luxury hotels dining with Michelin-starred chefs.

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How we created the trip of a lifetime

Earlier this year, Chloe—a Black Tomato client—became the first traveller to return to Mongolia after Coronavirus. And she travelled solo. This is her story.


Chloe’s solo adventure across the Mongolian steppe

Earlier this year, Chloe contacted our travel experts; requesting a three-week solo trip across Mongolia. Only 48 hours later, she was on the ground.

“What they managed to create for me within that timeframe”, she said, “was the trip of a lifetime”.

Her travel expert, Rob, worked with Chloe over those hours to curate something entirely different and entirely hers. She would help nomadic families prepare for their winter migration. She would learn the art of hunting with eagle riders. And she would cross mountain and steppe on horseback.

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Reflections, emotions, memories — in Chloe’s words

“I’m about to depart on the plane that will take me away from Mongolia after the most unforgettable three weeks.

“I have so many emotions leaving this place. The people are as hard as the environment that they live in, but their hearts are just so warm. I was inspired by everybody I met, especially by the way that they openly appreciated and looked after one another. I’ve got a lot to digest.”

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Solo travel isn’t lonely travel

Working closely with our local partners and experts on the ground, we were able to access people and experiences that you simply can’t plan for yourself. We have worked in Mongolia for years, and it is this local knowledge that helped us to make Chloe’s trip so very full of life.

“Riding camels across deserts, motor biking and horse riding over mountains, speaking with monks and shamans, chasing wolves and wild horses”

Throughout, Chloe had the support and welcome of the local families and our expert guides. In the very heart of a thriving community in one of the most beautiful places on earth, she travelled solo – but was not alone.

An example trip

Don’t just take it from us – here’s what some of our other solo travellers had to say

Responsive and reassuring

This was the second time I had the opportunity to travel with Black Tomato and I can say without hesitation that I will be doing it again as soon as I have the chance. From the moment I made the initial phone call through to just before departing, they were professional, responsive, and reassuring,


The trip of a lifetime

Working with James at Black Tomato was truly one of the best experiences. He made sure I had a the trip of a lifetime in India and especially since I was traveling alone, it was so comforting to know I could contact him anytime.


The epitome of bespoke

Black Tomato is the epitome of bespoke. Not only will your trip be 100% curated to you, you will never have a team more invested and caring about you as a person. My Get Lost trip was wild, beautiful, special, and challenging in all the ways I was hoping.