A good book can really take you places – whether that’s down a rabbit’s hole or all the way to an exotic treasure island. And with these immersive family experiences, we’re celebrating the transformative power of the books we loved when we were young, and the stories our children have come to adore themselves.

This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters – embarking on an exhilarating adventure that’ll span the globe: all the way from Iceland to Oxfordshire.

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Each bespoke experience can range from high production events to half-day encounters as part of wider trips. We’ll be your storytellers throughout, as you live the stories as if you’ve stepped inside their pages. Educational, immersive, and delightfully curated. Become the characters you love – and live their adventures for yourself.

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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Inspired by

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

The Call Of The Wild The Call Of The Wild

Inspired by

The Call Of The Wild

Arabian Nights Arabian Nights

Inspired by

Arabian Nights

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Inspired by

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Treasure Island Treasure Island
British Virgin Islands

Inspired by

Treasure Island

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