Luxury Holidays in the Indian Ocean

Baobab trees, legendary tea estates, vibrant rainforests, soft sand beaches, and enticing waters. You’ll experience the multifaceted islands of the Indian Ocean from a mind-altering perspective, taking you on a journey through this tropical continent’s hidden depths and natural treasures. Whether you’re making your own lychee-infused rum, exploring the ocean floor on an underwater scooter, or dining by candlelight on your own private island.

Many come here to break free from the strains of the everyday. But the islands of the Indian Ocean are not only a means of escaping life – they’re the secret to finding it. We’ll take you out looking for lemurs as you explore jungles on horseback and show you the best spots for snorkelling with manta rays and sea turtles. We’ll even make sure you catch a glowing plankton show lighting up the ocean by night. Between dolphin safaris and elephant encounters, there’s no shortage of life to be found here. Madagascar. Mauritius. The Maldives. Each one practically hums with energy. And with every comfort and luxury at your fingertips, rainforest spa treatments, and overwater cinemas – it’s no wonder visitors leave feeling as good as new. If not better.

Just ask one of our Indian Ocean Travel Experts for their top picks. Whether you fancy a relaxing holiday to the Maldives or an intrepid adventure through the wilds of Madagascar. Just say the word and they’ll arrange a private seaplane to take you there. Between waterslides into turquoise oceans, unique full moon dinners at an overwater observatory, yoga sessions on the beach and invigorating jungle hikes – these islands excite at every turn. Gaze upon sunsets and sleep under stars. On one of our bespoke trips to the Indian Ocean islands, you’ll experience rest and relaxation like never before.


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