Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Germany

Why should you travel to Germany with us?

Brimming with medieval wonder and modern innovation, Germany never fails to surprise us each time we visit. Twisting and turning through history, Alpine peaks and hip modern streets; the culture here is rich and the landscapes breathtaking, making a luxury holiday in Germany the perfect escape for any occasion. So, take it all in a country that so effortlessly blends the cutting-edge with timeless classics.

What to see and do in Germany


In Wim Wenders’ 1987 fantasy film Wings of Desire, an angel – played by the impeccable Bruno Ganz – looks out over the humming vista of Berlin. He is filled with a humble love for a country that would, over the next thirty years, not only reunify its East and West, but would blossom into one of the world’s most developed and culturally rich economies. Germany – from Bavarian castles and black forest gateau to BMWs and Berghain – has it all, and in enviable heaps.


Pine forests, deep and rich and dark; romantic, turret-thronged castles, piercing the blue sky; and moody, snow-slicked mountains. This is the Black Forest, Germany’s own fantastical wilderness and one of Europe’s best haunts for a luxury family retreat – a layer-cake of mountains and pine-shrouded hills in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. A private chauffeur will be your tour guide up intoto this most scenic of regions, enjoying dinner at the rustic Bauernstube and visiting the largest walk-in cuckoo clock in the world.


From the stately mass of Berlin’s Pergamon Museum to the trendy artist-led spaces of hustling Hamburg, Germany is awash with some for the world’s most daring and darling art. Join a private tour across centuries of creativity in the homeland of Anselm Keifer’s corrugated landscapes, the experimental performance of Joseph Beauys, and the romantic dreaming of Kaspar David Freidreich – making it an ideal and restful pause, whether you’re travelling as an extended family or on a luxury European honeymoon.


The capital of proud Bavaria, Munich, is best preceded by a private tour to the breathtaking Zugspitze – Germany’s snowbound and tallest mountain. The city itself – a buzzing compact of squares, churches, museums and eateries. At the Feldherrnhalle, a monumental loggia on the Odeonsplatz, you’ll encounter the city’s most historically important monument – and one which played a decisive role in the country’s slide into fascism and war. You’re also only a short spin away from the unforgettable and surprisingly entertaining BMW Museum, where you’ll be able to test-drive some of the newest releases.

The best of Germany

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