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At Black Tomato, we believe that properly curated travel has the power to transform. And not just while you’re away, but once you return – and long into the future. When we leave what we know behind us, we’re ready to absorb what we don’t know. Some people talk about ‘culture shock.’ We’re talking about embedding yourself in an entirely different way of thinking, and of learning directly from experts on the ground; people who know their culture back to front. You may be surprised by what you discover.

It is with this in mind that we have developed ‘Bring it Back’ – our latest, groundbreaking travel service. It celebrates travel as a tool through which you can find answers to questions, inspiration to unlock frustration, insight to effect change, and the courage to listen, learn and challenge your own and others’ status quo. And, unlike souvenirs, the answers that you bring back can be integrated into your way of life. We believe that you’ll continue to feel the benefits as your life moves forward.

‘I need to shape and grow my business’

an overview

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland achieved what many thought was unthinkable – a miraculous economic recovery. Thanks to outstanding entrepreneurship within Iceland’s tourism industry, the country successfully shrugged off its financial malaise. Natural disasters also provided an unlikely boost, where all eyes turned to Iceland during the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010. Through the ashes we saw a country confronting tragedy with creative leadership and infectious positivity.

Iceland has benefitted from a new wave of travellers making their way to this thriving, wilderness nation. From black beaches to the streets of Reykjavik, you’ll spend time with the people who have captained this truly remarkable innovation at every turn. For those seeking answers on where to begin, or how to renew, your focus on the business world, Iceland is a living lesson in agile and muscular entrepreneurship.

the highlights

  • Traveling from mountain-fringed Keflavik, you’ll meet with senior managers at the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon, to discuss how the business survived the economic crash (while experiencing its unrivalled spa and gastronomic experience).
  • Einar Óli, a descendant of Icelandic Vikings, will be your guide across Langjökull glacier, including a journey into the excavated tunnels beneath it. Discuss economic recovery and resilience with the post-crash startup who conceived of this eye-opening experience.
  • Journey into the magma chamber of the dormant Thrihnukagigur, and converse first-hand with the people who have, since 2008, leveraged the country’s geothermal resources through luxurious baths, innovative businesses, and opulent hotels.
  • Private guided tour of Iceland’s Lava Centre – an innovative, hi-tech facility set up in the aftermath of the 2010 eruption, demonstrating Iceland’s transformation of adversity into opportunity.

From £7,200 per person.

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‘I need to ignite my creative thinking’

an overview

Morocco has long been a source of inspiration for Westerners who have grown tired of prevailing trends. Revered for its impact on the design world and recognized as a point of creative confluence between ancient and modern cultures, Morocco is a true incubator for creative innovation. There’s a reason why fashion’s own Yves Saint Laurent remarked: ‘The boldness in my work I owe to this country, to its forceful harmonies, to its audacious combinations.’

Whether you are seeking design inspiration or looking to bring creative flair to their business, you’ll be accompanied by a creative host throughout your journey – from the medinas of Marrakech to the white-walled modernism of Casablanca. You’ll engage directly with the people who have brought this transformation about, giving you knowledge that you can bring home in order to spark your own creative renaissance.

the highlights

  • A day spent with designer Yahya, learning about his background and international work, before spending time at restaurant Barometre with the founders of the Emerging Business Factory (EBF) and Marrakech Creative Cluster.
  • Visit EBF and meet with the AMBS Architects Design Director, Reda Zakaria, who is currently working on several major projects in Morocco.
  • Take a thought-provoking tour of Marrakech design district, Sidi Ghanem. Spend time with industrial designers and artisans, attend creative workshops, and learn how to craft, opening up to the people who are embedded in these creative communities.
  • Overnight stay at Terres des Etoiles in the Agafay Desert; you will meet the owner over dinner and discuss the challenges of creating a sustainable and design-conscious space in the desert.

From £4,800 per person.

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‘I need to find a more sustainable lifestyle’

an overview

Globally renowned for its hearty and healthy cuisine, much of Peru’s culinary success can be attributed to making the most of its natural resources. Drawing from its varied geography, time-honoured traditions, and local customs, the country has become a pioneer of sustainable, flavourful, and nutritionally complete foods. Its blossoming culinary culture has led many to call it the food capital of South America, and for good reason. Modern chefs draw on the immense natural variety that Peru has to offer, from coastal cities and rolling highlands, to rugged, snow-capped mountains.

On this Peruvian experience you’ll take a deeper look at what goes into our bodies, spending time with the people who have brought this about. Together, you’ll explore the people, places, and plates that define the Peruvian approach to sustainable, healthy eating. The flavours of Peru will linger long in the memory.

the highlights

  • Join a local chef on a visit to the Villa María del Triunfo fish market, discussing the abundant biodiversity of Peruvian waters and how best to protect this resource for the future. You’ll enjoy a seafood cooking class whilst discussing what makes Peruvian cuisine so unique.
  • In Cusco, visit organic farms and learn about food products from the people who run them. You’ll meet Manuel Choqque, aka “The Potato Whisperer”, a fourth generation potato farmer who specialises in ancient agriculture.
  • Visit and meet world famous chef Virgilio Martinez at his laboratory Mater Iniciativa and then his new restaurant, MIL. Enjoy a unique seven-course degustation menu with infusion pairings, distilled beverages and delicious nectars having understood why these ingredients are picked and how they’re prepared.
  • Enjoy traditional Peruvian Pachamanca and Huatia dining experiences with those who still sustain these ways of life – getting a personal perspective on how the traditional can be fused, meaningfully, with the modern.

From £9,900 per person.

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‘I need to make my passion my life’

an overview

Following its dramatic revolution in 1959, Cuba was mostly closed off from the outside world. Today, the country has burst back onto the world stage with infectious creative energy. With a focus on arts patronage, Cuban culture is all about passion, music, theatre, and dance – and how they can be harnessed to benefit this land of tobacco fields, rum distilleries, and staggering natural beauty. All of this has been achieved by leveraging what we know and love of Cuba – its pastel cadillacs, cigar scented fields, and sultry music.

On this tailormade experience, you’ll be inspired to reignite your creative intuition; witnessing first-hand the confidence and passion the Cubans bring to the arts and creative industries. The ultimate goal is to bring this passion home with you, letting it inform your own work, life, or business ventures.

the highlights

  • Experience Cuban music with Brenda Navarrete, who opens her house to guests and teaches them about Cuba’s musical rhythms. Talk inspirations with people who have foregrounded artistry in their lives.
  • Late night performances at Fabrica del Arte – a meeting place for avant-garde artists, where you’ll rub shoulders with people for whom creating art is not only their life, but their livelihood.
  • Visit Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) and Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematograficos (ICAIC) to view the restored documentary films of the late visionary Afro-Cuban filmmaker Sarah Gomez. Meet young Cuban filmmakers and tour the school, founded by Gabriel García Márquez.
  • Visit Acosta Danza, a contemporary dance and classical ballet school founded in 2016 by Carlos Acosta, before sitting down with Mogoteart Owner Luis Deulofeu to learn about Cuba’s budding entrepreneurial sector over drinks.

From £4,150 per person.

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‘I need to find better work-life balance’

an overview

For many, Scandinavia is synonymous with the creation of a genuinely meaningful work-life balance. Shedding light on the unique corporate and family culture that fosters this attitude, you’ll be introduced to the strengths of the Danish working mindset in the heart of its bustling, historic capital. You’ll not only embed yourself with the people shaping this lifestyle, but you’ll also take part in Denmark’s stylish social life – from ‘hygge’ hotels to high-end restaurants.

The Scandinavian working model provides answers for business leaders seeking to create a company culture that is both highly efficient and family friendly, with Copenhagen – teeming with parks, cutting-edge design, and mouth-watering cuisine – demonstrating how, often, the two go hand-in-hand. Copenhagen is an inspiring reminder of what ‘work-life balance’ really means, told through the personalities and places of this unforgettable Nordic city.

the highlights

  • Spend a day with a Danish journalist known for his promotion of work-life balance and parental leave, seeing first-hand how he approaches this conversation. Embed yourself in the healthy working culture of this global city, relating it back to how you can benefit from this much-lauded approach.
  • Get to know a high-ranking executive at a leading global organization. Learn how her work/home routine differs in Copenhagen compared to other cities where she has worked and lived.
  • Share dinner with like-minded Danes at a cutting-edge restaurant, learning more about how they foster creativity, productivity and motivation.
  • Meet and engage in lively conversations with Danes who openly celebrate their unique approach to work and life, questioning how you could transform your own life, and business, back home.

From £5,400 per person.

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‘I need to refresh my family relationships’

an overview

For travellers looking to disconnect from digital distraction, get back to basics, and refresh relationships, Mongolia provides not only the scenery – but the solutions. You’ll be embedded in the nomadic communities of Bayangobi, where family life takes centre stage and carefully cultivated dynastic living ensures a strong bond between generations. All of this is set against a backdrop of the picturesque Khogno Khan Mountain Range, where desert dunes meet the exhilarating environments of the steppe.

In this northernmost region, you’ll spend time with people who really know what it means to be self-sufficient. Participating in local culture, you’ll be witness to an entirely different way of life, built around an alternative sense of priority. Spending time with local families, and learning about the dynamics that structure nomadic living, you will be encouraged to re-evaluate your own relationships – cultivating a renewed sense of the importance of the people who surround us.

the highlights

  • You’ll spend time with local nomads whose way of life, while vastly different from our own, has multiple lessons from which we can grow and learn.
  • Stay with traditional nomads from whom you’ll learn about a way of life that has remained unchanged, in many ways, for centuries. From these encounters, learn about a different way of living and unlearn a life led by the clock.
  • Stay with a family of nomadic racehorse trainers. Learn about this historic sport in Mongolia, before mounting up for a ride.
  • Visit the famous spiritual site of Aglag Buteel monastery, the home of Purevbat Lama, one of the most influential figures in modern Mongolian Buddhism.

From £5,500 per person.

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‘I need to rebuild my understanding of wellness’

an overview

At a time when we’re all just trying to juggle life’s commitments, commiting to our own wellbeing is easily overlooked. But wellness can lose its meaning when it’s not deep and long-lasting. For guests in search of a permanently healthier outlook on life, Ibiza offers a unique combination of spiritual, physical, and psychological immersion, and space in which to discover what ‘wellbeing’ actually means via the people who practice what they preach.

All of this takes place in the chilled-out atmosphere of this sumptuous Balearic island, where you’ll have the opportunity to establish the foundations of your own, personal health – drawing on the knowledge of expert practitioners and gurus who hold the keys to resetting your health in a truly long-lasting way.

the highlights

  • You’ll experience daily yoga and meditation sessions with a leading practitioner. Tailored to your needs, the sessions will help you to establish the skills for lasting daily practice. Lessons will take place in various locations to take advantage of the breathtaking natural scenery of Ibiza.
  • Reset your dietary health through a personal, ongoing exploration of nutrition with a private macrobiotic chef; attend nutritional workshops and a macrobiotic cooking masterclass to rebuild the foundations of what a truly healthy diet can be.
  • Spend time with wellness experts, who’ll guide you through nutritional workshops, wellness discussions, and yoga sessions on mystical Es Vedrá – an unpopulated rocky island off Ibiza’s coast.
  • Private cooking lesson with a Michelin-starred chef, who will guide you through their personal approach to preparing truly fresh, sustainable, and healthy meals and ensuring you have an understanding of how to integrate a healthy diet in life once home.

From £6,100 per person.

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At Black Tomato, we’re a team of people who are truly fanatical about travel. It’s always been our mission to design trips that combine deep, local detail with world-class service. We know that our clients are like us: endlessly fascinated by and curious about the world. It’s our job to indulge that curiosity, while providing truly unbeatable experiences.

It’s for this reason that we created Bring it Back – knowing that properly curated travel has the power to transform. And not just while you’re away, but once you return – and long into the future. When we leave what we know behind us, we’re ready to absorb what we don’t know.

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