Luxury Holidays & Honeymoons in Macau

A fusion of Portuguese and Chinese culture, traditions and cuisine, there is so much more to Macau than the nightlife it has become known for throughout Asia. Here, Ancient Chinese temples are framed by Portuguese tiles and street vendors converse in Cantonese over Portuguese street food. Mastering the best of both, a luxury holiday in Macau is utterly unique and cannot fail to surprise.

What to see and do in Macau


Often called the ‘Vegas of China,’ Macau is an enticing combination of Chinese and Portuguese culture – swirled together in a thrilling cocktail of glitz, glamour and gambling. Three hundred years of Portuguese colonization has left its mark on the whirling cultural hybridity, where Chinese temples feature maritime-themed European tiles and where pastels de nata are served alongside steaming dim sum. For those who want a luxury holiday that fuses two worlds, Macau is a no-brainer.


Where to start? Heaving casinos that put Las Vegas to shame; pastel-painted churches and temples; Cantonese staples served alongside chorizo and Malbec. Portugal only left Macau in 1999, meaning that there’s still a strong, living presence of the European seafaring nation on this hotpot of a country. A private luxury tour will take in its flavours (piri piri and cloves), eye-spinning architecture, and rococo splendour. Our local guides will show you Macau beyond the casinos.


Happily appointed with a truly diverse array of hotels and resorts, Macau can offer everything from the old-world European glamour of the Four Seasons (with such a nice curving, whitestone stairway) to a stunning 17th century Portuguese fortress that has been converted into a luxury hotel.


While Macau has its fair share of casinos, it’s no gamble to head here for your honeymoon (we did just write that, yes. Will we apologise? No). From luxe hotels to fascinating history and culture on the streets, it is an offbeat but otherwise fascinating city to explore as a couple. Or to gamble as a couple.

The best of Macau

Four Seasons

Bathed in light and decorated in white and cream tones, the grand neo-classical style lobby of the Four Seasons Macau makes quite a first impression.…
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Pousada de Sao Tiago

Built in the 17th Century as a Portuguese fortress designed to defend Macau against European invasion and pirate attacks, Pousada de Sao Tiago offers up…
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