Becky Milligan

India Travel Expert

Extending from the Himalayas deep into the Indian Ocean, you’d be hard pushed to find a more culturally and geographically diverse tailormade holiday than India. Whether you’re exploring Ayurveda up in Dehradun, studying the ancient Buddhist Caves of Ajanta or relaxing on the pristine beaches of the Andaman Islands; this Asian wonder truly is a continent in its own right.

Becky Milligan

India Travel Expert

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India Highlights

Attention senses; India is waiting. Sights, smells, sounds, nothing compares to India’s colour and vibrancy. Bursting with culture, blessed with natural beauties, and blissed out by its beach scene, with us, discover the spirit of India


India is a country that has long excelled in opulence and grandeur. Take the Taj Mahal for example - one of the greatest architectural achievements in the world, crafted from pure white marble in the 1630s and continuing to stun the world today. Modernity is creeping into Indian culture, fusing the country’s history and spirituality with high-end boutique hotels and hand-crafted itineraries fit for royalty.


The reigning mountainscape of Mother Earth’s kingdom, the great Himalayas come second to none. High in the hills and surrounded by remote villages and colorful monasteries, a tailor-made tour through the region of Ladakh is cultural immersion through peaks and valleys, apricot orchards and restorative hotels, at it’s very finest. Recount recent histories with monks and take to the sky for a helicopter journey over the tallest summits in the world with the insider guidance of our on-site experts.


In the course of India’s history, there has been a multitude of various dynasties, empires, and diverse governing religions. These transitions in history have shaped India into a country with an ongoing narrative and the temples, palaces, and ashrams encapsulate the intricate architecture intrinsic to unraveling India’s culture. Deep dive into Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan for a behind the scenes look at India’s most elaborate palaces and beautiful buildings.


Kerala goes about its business at a slower pace of life and we can’t help but be enamored by its rejuvenating and enchanting qualities. The rainforest is best explored by boating down the Alleppey waterway and the countryside is home to elephants, sloths, and tranquil resorts. It’s a spellbinding region for culinary enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and those wanting to escape the city bustle - easy to do when you’re surrounded by 400 acres of coffee and spice plantations.

India Highlights

Attention senses; India is waiting. Sights, smells, sounds, nothing compares to India’s colour and vibrancy. Bursting with culture, blessed with natural beauties, and blissed out by its beach scene, with us, discover the spirit of India


From the peaks of the Himalayas to the sandy shores of the Andaman Islands, India is a haven of diversity in culture and accommodations. You may find yourself cruising down the Alleppey on a private boat one day and practicing yoga on your terrace of the infamous Ananda the next, and what’s not to like about that? Balance exploration and restoration when you opt to experience India’s boutique hotels, luxury camps, and wellness resorts.


Where tigers, elephants, camels, and monkeys live in harmony, India is a picture-perfect backdrop for an inclusive safari holiday. The landscape molds from vegetated rainforests to stark deserts, and the diversity of safari experiences – from your mode of transportation to the differences in the landscape – guarantees a safari experience more comprehensive than most. Get up close and personal with big cats at Jawai Leopard Camp in Rajasthan or track tigers from the Indiana Jones-like Sher Bagh.


A country of dazzling sights, sounds, and smells, a honeymoon in India doesn’t limit guests to your standard far-flung islands and penthouse suites. India’s cities, coasts, deserts, and mountains invite couples to partake in something more memorable, all while retreating to luxury. Gaze over the ‘City of Pearls’ - Hyderabad - at Taj Falaknuma Palace or take a midnight swim under the watchful eye of romantic Taj Lake Palace.

  • Population Population 1,300,000,000
  • Capital Capital New Delhi
  • Currency Currency Indian Rupee
  • Language Language Hindi
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT + 5.30 | ET + 10.30
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip

    "Experience life outside of the cities whilst in pure luxury in the likes of Rohet, Jaisalmer or Narlai"

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