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Why should you travel on a luxury holiday to Norway with us?

Viking traditions, Northern Lights and otherworldly landscapes. Norway is forever captivating us.

Discover the mystifying beauty of Norway’s grand fjords, icy glaciers, rolling green hills and jaw-dropping archipelago on a luxury holiday. Embrace our handpicked collection of unique experiences for a truly memorable adventure filled with natural wonders and thrilling moments. Whether you’re wishing to take to the skies for breathtaking views of Svalbard, sail between the narrow fjords of the Lofoten Islands or immerse yourself in the country’s impressive culture in Oslo, we’ve got you covered. On the 55-acre island of Manshausen, we’ll check you into a gorgeous glass sea cabin with exclusive views over deep-blue fjords and towering mountains; the perfect way to experience the Norwegian wilderness if you ask us.

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What to see and do in Norway

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Despite the recent popularity of (uncharacteristically morose) Scandi dramas, Norway remains a warm, visually beautiful, and remarkably down-to-earth country. With its myth-made landscapes of monumental fjords, rolling green hills, icy glaciers, and world-leading culture, there’s also more to Norway than meets the eye. Ask us about the best slices of Røkt Laks in Bergen (always served on the blackest of bread), or the remotest sea cabins in the far reaches of the Lofoten islands. Europe’s longest country – quite rightly – packs a lot in.


Explore Norway’s Fjordland on a luxury cruise along the Steigen coastline where you can weave through undiscovered ski slopes and sail through deep fjords passing towering peaks en route. Get your adrenaline pumping and choose from the array of uncharted mountain peaks to ski down while taking in the breathtaking scenery ahead of the slopes. Settle down for the evening to admire the many hues of Norway’s northern lights as they dance across the midnight sky – you won’t want to miss this natural phenomenon.


Disappear from the crowds to one of Europe’s most remote and dramatic landscapes. A family holiday spent under the northern lights in the evening and luxury, private tours of Norway’s fjords by day, watching Orca pods chase fish across the surface and sea eagles sore above you. If you’re looking for the unusual and the epic to enjoy with your loved ones, then a bespoke holiday package to Norway won’t leave you, or them, disappointed.


Whether you wish to explore Norway’s dramatic landscapes or impressive architecture, embark on exciting arctic adventures, or find the best spot to watch the northern lights, our perfectly curated private tours will be sure to take you there, whilst uncovering hidden gems along the way. Look no further for luxury tours of Norway’s fjords, glaciers and snow-capped mountains, cultural hotspots and the country’s most photogenic destinations.

The best of Norway


Journey to the past as you embrace the capital’s famed history.

Norway’s vibrant capital has much to offer. From exquisite cuisine and stylish hotels to jaw-dropping architecture, Oslo is a hotbed for curious travellers wanting a cultural escape. We’ll lead you to the spectacular Opera House for an unforgettable evening performance, show you the top Michelin-star restaurants in Oslo for mouthwatering menus and take you to the Vigeland Sculpture Park for a guided tour of the famed bronze and granite sculptures. For history enthusiasts, take a moment to discover the capital’s incredible age-old history by browsing through the Viking Ship Museum.


Master Arctic survival skills in one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas.

Fly through the sky across miles of icy waters and you’ll find yourself at the beautifully remote Svalbard archipelago. Alongside our skilled Arctic guides, you’ll be taught the most important elements of arctic survival in Svalbard, from pitching a tent in a snowstorm to searching for polar bears at night. Spend your days sailing across icy expanses, exploring deep mountain crevasses and skiing across Esmark Glacier to the Home of the Trolls at Trollheimen. This is the experience of a lifetime.

Lofoten Islands

Hike unnamed peaks in this otherwordly landscape.

Nestled just off the north coast of Norway, the Lofoten Islands are on of our favourite spots in Norway. Our much-loved friend and expert guide Harald, will take you on a hike up Reinebringen Mountain for the most jaw-dropping views of Lofoten’s surrounding landscapes, before an evening hunkered down in an authentic fisherman’s cabin for a private Northern Lights show. We’ll take you to the perfect deep-sea fishing spot to catch your very own dinner – don’t worry though, your private chef will do the rest.

Aurora Lodge, Norway

Your front-row seat for the Northern Lights, this luxurious private lodge is in the heart of the Norwegian wilderness. Exclusive to Black Tomato, we'll take…
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The Thief, Oslo

A modern, high-design boutique in Tjuvholmen, one of Oslo’s most vibrant areas, a stay at The Thief promises to “steal you away from everyday life”…
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Get out beyond Oslo and Norway is all about a raw and primal beauty. Here, fjords carve through traditional landscapes to reveal hidden pockets of…
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