Luxury Holidays in the British Virgin Islands

Why should you travel to the British Virgin Islands with us?

Reef-fringed beaches, tropical hillside landscapes and impressive lagoons spread across over fifty islands.

The British Virgin Islands’ sprawling volcanic archipelago is the true essence of the Caribbean. Here, relaxation and discovery go hand in hand among the mango trees, coconut palms and silky beaches. Explore rich heritage that blends European, Caribbean and Africa culture, towns shaped by agriculture, fishing and nautical trade, and experience the folk music rooting back to African ancestry. Adventure is at the drop of an anchor as you set foot onto uninhabited islands during island-hopping escapes and witness an underwater world of unspoiled reefs and unique wreck dives.

What to see and do in The British Virgin Islands

If you can’t see it here we’ll still plan it for you.

Island hopping on a private catamaran

There’s a world of picturesque islands and charming islets to explore around the British Virgin Islands – so island hopping experiences are an absolute must. Step onto the alluring Norman Island, which inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s famed novel Treasure Island. Cragged caves, hidden coves and thriving offshore reefs will leave you feeling like a true pirate as you discover the treasures that lie there.

Snorkel among reefs and dive down to shipwrecks

Old sunken ships create optimal conditions for a reef to develop and thrive. The Royal Mail ship RMS Rhone capsized back in 1867 and is now a biodiverse dive site in the British Virgin Islands. Set off the coastline of Salt Island, this is a captivating spot to explore alongside the array of rich, biodiverse reefs around the islands.

Discover Caribbean culture and history

Not only do the islands boast impressive nature, but also a wealth of history and culture to delve into. With our expert local guides, explore the maritime history of the fishermen that mastered the surrounding seas. Take a private tour around the cacao and sugarcane plantations, learn of the history of the slave trade, then sample rum at the Callwood Rum Distillery.

Cool off in the natural tidal pools

Experience the natural wonders of the British Virgin Islands. A unique maze of grottoes on Virgin Gorda, known as The Baths, gradually formed from a flow of lava dating back to prehistoric times. This national park has become a playground for travellers, with hikes along the labyrinth of boulders and tidal pools perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Family adventures in the British Virgin Islands

Some of our top hotel partners around the islands, including Rosewood Little Dix Bay, boast immersive Kids Club programs to help create memorable moments for the little ones and the whole family. From treasure hunts to campfires, sailing experiences to arts and crafts, the Caribbean is a haven for seamless family getaways.

The best of The British Virgin Islands


Reggae rum bars, surf-ready waves and yacht clubs set Tortola as the life and soul of the British Virgin Islands.

The largest of the British Virgin Islands certainly bursts with character. From the rocksteady beats at Cane Garden Bay’s beach bars to the maritime buzz and surfers flocking to Josiah’s Bay at sunrise. With our expert guides, learn about the early 20th century sugarcane production and the harrowing slave trade. Uncover the rich biodiversity at Sage Mountain National Park, discover hidden bays around the island and visit Tortola’s best watering holes, including the legendary Callwood Rum Distillery.


Nicknamed by Christopher Columbus as ‘Fat Virgin’ – the island’s connotation remains as playful as the adventures that await there.

Virgin Gorda is idyllic for doing as much – or as little – as you like. Swim and hike among the labyrinth of boulders and tidal pools at The Baths or set out on the Caribbean sea on a private charter with local fishermen. As the sun sets over the island, enjoy your fresh catch cooked straight on the grill during an intimate beachfront dinner at one of our favourite hotels, Rosewood Little Dix Bay. Here, nature and eco-luxury make the ultimate pairing.


Experience the ultimate day trip out to the wild tropics of Anegada.

This flat coral island is renowned for its sensational marine life, secluded beaches and rich nature trails that take you off the beaten track. The rare rock iguanas and flamingos are some of the residents you’ll meet on land on Anegada, whilst under the shallows, stingray and vibrant schools of fish weave between the mazes and tunnels of the reefs and shipwrecks. Discover, unwind and indulge as you sample some of the best lobster you’ve ever tasted at one of the island’s tantalising beachside restaurants.

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