Bhutan lifted its curtain to an inquisitive world in 1974. And it hasn’t looked back since. These tailormade tours are for the curious and the adventurous, where you’ll pierce this ancient culture’s mystery of misted hillsides, surging mountains, and tantalizing temples. The biggest rush comes when hiking from Paro to Thimphu – ascending the mighty Tiger’s Nest: one of Bhutan’s most sacred sites. And arguably its greatest panorama.

Mehrangarh-Fort India


Extending from the Himalayas deep into the Indian Ocean, you’d be hard pushed to find a more culturally and geographically diverse tailormade holiday than India. Whether you’re exploring Ayurveda up in Dehradun, studying the ancient Buddhist Caves of Ajanta or relaxing on the pristine beaches of the Andaman Islands; this Asian wonder truly is a continent in its own right.

Himalayas in Nepal


Encircled by the Himalayas, Nepal extends an invitation to challenge, discover and find peace. Whipped by cool mountain winds that whistle their way through the prayer flags of villages and across the vibrant stupas of Kathmandu, a luxury holiday in Nepal is all about taking a moment to reflect before turning up the adrenaline to mountain bike through the world’s deepest gorge. Nepal is a rush like no other.

Tea plantations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

“Sri Lanka is where the Indian Subcontinent meets the tropics. Where colonial charm is stirred through with ancient Buddhist temples and scent-rich jungle scenery. A luxury, tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka will transport you to another world; a world in which you pick tea leaves with the women of Nuwara Eliya, and walk the old fortress walls of Galle, and make your way toward the Cardamon-coloured landscapes of the North.”

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