Rob Murray-John

Chile Travel Expert
From the mysteries of Easter Island to the glacial highs of Torres del Paine, Chile is a country of magnificent contrasts. This is a place for the grand, the adventurous and the once in a lifetime – not to mention the cultural, the sophisticated and the gastronomic. Whether it’s trekking through the isolation of Aysen or drinking world-class wines en route to Valparaiso, a private tour in Chile never fails to take our breath away.

Rob Murray-John

Chile Travel Expert

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Chile Highlights


Stretching from arid desert to snow-smeared mountain peaks (imagine: delicate, icy spines stabbing into infamously clear skies), Chile is a must-go destination for a luxury holiday in the great outdoors. But it also lays claim to some truly vibrant cities. We could write an epic poem to Santiago. We’ll not put you through that. Here’s the ‘long story short’: Santiago has emerged from the shadow of its neighbours with (a) an incredibly vibrant food scene; (b) bustling, diverse neighbourhoods (take us back to the trendy taverns of Barrio Lastarria); and (c) the sharp, jade box of the Museum of Memory, which happens to be one of our favourite experiences in the city. For those booking honeymoons in Chile, Santiago has the grandeur of old Europe combined with acutely beautiful scenery. What’s not to like?


During a somewhat prolonged journey from snowy Boston to the far tip of Chile, American travel writer Paul Theroux found himself in a small town (really a thin road and a jumble of houses) at the edge of the Atacama Desert. He observed that “it was near enough to the end of the earth to give me the impression that I was a solitary explorer in a strange land.” It’s what nudged him onward. The Atacama itself is the driest location on earth. The atmosphere here is so thin as to make it almost Martian. But, and excuse us for the wry joke, it won’t be the air that leaves your breathless – but the staggering, raw fact that this rarefied location is the best place in the world to gaze at the canopy of stars that hang above us.


For an extremely on-it honeymoon in Chile there’s luscious Patagonia. At Black Tomato, our luxury tours and holidays in Chile consistently draw traveller’s attentions to this part of the world. Its scenery tugs at the eye, from the spectacular Grey Beach (looking out over the glassy ocean, a nest for the sharp blue bulks of ice that float, jagged, within it), to the astoundingly fantastical, knotty Lenga Forest. Our Chile luxury tours can help you to drink each of these uniquely beautiful locations up, whether you want to tackle them by kayak, bike, or on foot. Watching over you is Chile’s most iconic mountain – Cuernos del Paine.


Our luxury tours and holidays to Chile wouldn’t be complete (we insist) without visiting the country’s bountiful wine growing regions. The Maipo Valley is the second oldest wine region in the country, and hosts global, award-winning wineries such as Perez Cruz (imagine cracking open a bottle of Carmenere at the source). It’s quite possible (we’ve done it) to spend a full two days meandering from winery to winery. What’s more, our exclusive, luxury tour of the Casablanca Valley will give you a behind-the-curtains outlook on the truly magical grounds of the Catrala Vineyard. Luckily, their private chefs will keep you fed, soaking up all of that ‘grape juice.’

Chile Highlights


Chile is blessed with many luxurious hotels – from boutique bedrooms in the Patagonian wilderness to opulent resorts on its euphoric coastline. Ranging from the old-world charm of Santiago’s buzzing neighborhoods to remote and luxurious 5* lodges, Chile offers untold options for places to lay your head in restful slumber. Here’s our take on the best of the best.


Santiago, the capital of Chile, is an esplanade of stately palm trees, sun-soaked squares, and snow-capped peaks. Founded in 1540 by Pedro de Valdivia (in an area inhabited by the local Picunche people), Santiago lays claim to many Colonial-era buildings – grand, white, and glamorous. Naturally, many of the city’s 5* hotels have an easy, old-world glamour about them, and bags of luxury.


Located in the dramatic, beautiful Torres de Paine region of Patagonia, the Awasi Patagonia hotel is truly up there with the greats, and our favourite boutique hotel in this area of Chile. Smart, stylish, and offering exceptional service, it’s also located right on the lip of a region literally crammed with natural distraction. Its 14 villas offer a quite resplendent jumping off point into the wilds beyond. It also has a twin in the Atacama Desert, if you’re feeling loyal (you will). We’re also huge fans of the lakeside, modernist cube of Explora Patagonia – a 5* luxury hotel anchored over the startling, blue waters of the Torres de Paine lake below.


Nestled in the verdant hills of the Colchagua Valley, Vik is one of the best luxury hotels in Chile, offering an idyllic base camp to explore the surrounding mountains and vineyards. Floor to ceiling windows are a sly nod from the owners – after all, why bother with wall decoration when the outside looks so good? Vik typifies the style and quality that you come to expect from luxury resorts in Chile.

  • Population Population 17,400,000
  • Capital Capital Santiago
  • Currency Currency Chilean Peso
  • Language Language Spanish
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT - 3 | ET + 3
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip

    "Sleep out under the incredible star-lite skies of the moon-like Atacama Desert"

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